Innovations in the market of transport services and blockchain

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Unmanned vehicles-mechanical means for the carriage of passengers, moving without a crew on Board using a special Autonomous control system. Such transport can move on specially designated lanes on pre-established routes or participate in General traffic, because it is equipped with a set of sensors, cameras, radars and decision-making on-Board computer.

Experts note that with the mass development of unmanned vehicles only in the US, consumers will be able to save up to $ 1.3 trillion on all these items. For example, the reduction in the number of road accidents will lead to savings of $ 488 billion, fuel savings of almost $ 170 billion.
Analysts agree that by 2030, 40% of all vehicles will still have individual owners, but the share of their use will be reduced to 5%. Behavioural issues such as love of driving, fear of new technology or habit will create initial barriers to moving to new cars, but companies are already willing to invest billions of dollars in technology and services to address these issues.



DAV Network is a decentralized transport platform based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

The whole process is carried out using smart contracts automatically. As soon as the contract is executed, DAV tokens will be paid to the required platform participant.


  1. The opportunity to earn tokens by DAV transportation services
  2. Quick and easy vehicle selection
  3. Possibility to carry out secure transactions.

Platform components:

1.Identity. Each object and participant of the platform will be assigned a unique identification number.
2.Detection. Discovery of system participants by peer-to-peer Protocol.
3.Communication. Use block or outside the block chain.
4.The monitoring of implementation. The platform will control the smooth operation through a decentralized communication Protocol.
5.Payments. All payments will be made using the DAV token.

The project is implemented by a professional team, which consists of blockchain experts, entrepreneurs and experts in Autonomous vehicles.

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Really worthwhile project.


I think so!

The project is certainly very promising, which has all the opportunities to be implemented with great success in the near future. -


Thanks for you opinion. This is the project of the future!

The use of Autonomous vehicles in different spheres of life, from delivery services to passenger transportation, will allow to take a few steps forward.


This is our future.

The current concept of road transport technology and relations is hopelessly outdated: it can no longer fully meet the needs of the consumer. In such a situation, just need a breath of fresh air and new, fresh ideas.


I agree. Change is needed.