Autonomous transport infrastructure

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According to the forecast, more than half of the cars in the world will be equipped with the autopilot system by 2030.


Soon the time will come when we sit in the car and instead of driving, set the route, lean back in a comfortable chair and read our favorite book, newspaper or magazine, trusting the computer.

The market for unmanned vehicles worldwide in the next 20 years could reach $ 560 billion. Experts believe that drones will not only save consumers billions of dollars on insurance and fuel costs, but also help to stimulate the development of other sectors of the economy.

The world's leading powers are already preparing to switch to Autonomous cars, taxis, buses and planes. Copenhagen metro is now completely unmanned-trains without drivers themselves move along the lines and make the landing and landing of passengers.


Successful development of land roads can be called the network of automatic transport ULTra, opened in 2010 at Heathrow airport. The system is designed to transport one or more passengers in a taxi mode on personal routes within the designated lanes. Today, the autopilot trains operate on some metro lines in the UK, USA, Japan, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia and other countries.

Trends in the market

Analyst Brian Solis, the last few years studying the industry of unmanned technologies, has formulated the main trends in the market:

  • Semi-Autonomous vehicles are the last step towards full autonomy.
  • The car becomes a place to relax, and the arrangement of the salon — a separate direction for investment.
  • "Humanization" of the behavior of unmanned vehicles for the convenience of other participants in the movement.
  • High competition in the use of technological innovations and startups. Preference is given to innovations in software and hardware areas, providing the main share of monetization of the project.
  • Large manufacturers are buying startups to own not only new ideas, but also the talents that generate them, so the growth of IT-vacancies is expected in the automotive business. All of this allows us to bring to the fore the principle of "plug and play", where new technologies can be easily modified into real car models.

We see the excitement that is happening in the market of unmanned vehicles.
Another player in the market, which can radically change the situation, bringing progress, became the company DAV Network.
The company is building an infrastructure that will allow vehicles to communicate with each other.



DAV Network is a decentralized platform that is built on the basis of blockchain technology to provide a wide range of transport services. Thanks to plafthorm all vehicles will be able to be in contact with each other and users. Platform participants will be able to make all transactions using smart contracts and DAV token. P2p transactions will take place between the participants of the process without intermediaries.

Vehicle owners will be able to rent their vehicles to generate income. It is worth noting that the platform can be integrated into any vehicle. And that means restrictions on the types of transport will not.
Service providers will also be able to interact with customers on the platform and offer their services.

The team has already launched the platform's test network and developer portal. It is worth noting that the team consists of experts in the field of blockchain technology, crypto currency, cryptography. The Executive Director of the company has developed a system of information encryption on smartphones, and the technical Director has worked as a developer for a couple of decades and has extensive experience as an entrepreneur.

The main means of payment on the platform will be DAV tokens. All payments between the platform participants will be made using this token, issued on the Ethereum platform and corresponding to the standard ERC 20.

Token: DAV
Price: 1 DAV=0,0001 ETH
Hard cap: $ 38 million USD

Token distribution

40% - ICO
25% - bounty program and partners
20% - long-term budget
15% - team and advisors

DAV Network is a promising platform. Large companies and investors have already expressed special interest in this project. The theme of the project is very relevant and its development in the future is not in doubt. If you want to invest your money wisely, you should consider this project as a potentially promising one.

Thank you for your attention!

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Hi! Thank you. I tried.
It's always nice to write about favorite projects.

Definitely, the project is interesting, we observe the further development of events.


I agree! We will follow the development!

Wow... This is awesome. We getting closer to the auto-world


Yeeaaah! And it will soon become a reality!

this is reality in Dubai they stated a drink taxi which is successfully trail in Dubai. let's wait for drone taxi in all over world. they just want to use this drone taxi in drop shipping of medicine courier and other uses too.


This is our future! I like Dubai. They live in step with the times. The United Arab Emirates has tested the world's first unmanned flying taxi too. The tests are recognized as successful.

It should be noted that a very strong team worked on the project, which made every effort to develop such a universal platform.


I like their team too.

Innovative project. One of my favorites.


They're cool!

The project has a perspective. The future for drones, however, there are many competitors, which is also good.


That's right. Competition is the engine of economic progress.