The definitive ICO Marketing guide.

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Almost every day there is a new ICO in the cryptocurrency market, a lot of those ICO's are trying to build a product that will improve our life and current state in technology, and some... well they're trying.
The most important factor that determines if an ICO going to succeed it's his marketing, yup, you heard me, marketing is almost everything in ICO's success nowadays because of the great competition on the same idea.
Here's a great and thorough guide to help you understand more about ICO marketing if you planning on doing an ICO or just want to learn as an investor few things to know how to evaluate an ICO marketing size/budget.

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Maximum ico is scam


Yes I agree with you everyday we seen new ICO but now days people are not paying attention to cryptocurrency market like 2016 and 2017 because some they loss trust of fake ICO and some didn't return the capital investment during the price crisis in cryptocurrency market but I can agree with you 100% marketing is important if you need to successful launch


You're right.
Many ICOs turn out to be a scam and it affects the market and causes a bad image.
But there are so many new, innovative, companies out there and it's their job to do marketing the right way so people will know how great they are :)

Really thankful for this mate 😎😎

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Great article. I work in marketing, and very few ICOs take full advantage of marketing and it is becoming more and more important in the crypto world.


We are looking for a marketing person for our ICO? What services do you offer?


I offer mostly social media marketing and outreach through forums. If you wish to know more, you can contact me through Telegram at @Crypto_dizzle.


I'd recommend you check out for expert ICO Marketing, they are doing it very professionally and giving you the buzz your ICO need!
Also you can contact @YuvalBuzz via Telegram for more information.

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