LeadRex + Bancor = Partnership!

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We are glad to inform you that LeadRex Corp. signed a cooperation agreement with Bancor Network about joining its liquidity network after the completion of the ICO. This is an important event for the LeadRex team, LDX tokens and owners of company tokens. Bancor has become synonymous with quality and continuous development in the crypto community. We believe that our partnership is an important step for the LeadRex project and we are glad that our teams can make using LeadRex simpler.
Tokens holders will have access to LDX’s regular liquidity, regardless of the volume of trading on the exchanges, after the integration of LeadRex with the Bancor protocol. Everyone can convert the LDX token into any other token that will be available on the Bancor Network platform at the time of the exchange. Can be used purse Bancor or any Web3 purse, such as Metamask, for the exchange.

“We decided to join the Bancor protocol because we believe that this is an excellent solution to the liquidity problem that many projects experience after the completion of the ICO. Our platform is created for the business segment and it is very important for us to provide a convenient and fast way of converting various tokens into an LDX token. Moreover, we plan to make Bancor part of our ecosystem.” — Anton Skripka, CEO LeadRex Corp.

About LeadRex
LeadRex is an innovative decentralized SaaS platform for advertising campaigns based on artificial intelligence, using blockchain technologies and smart contracts. Our platform solves many problems in the field of advertising and removes the barrier between the owner of the business and the potential client. Everyone will be able to launch an advertising campaign of the product without the need for cooperation with the marketing agency through a central control panel, analytics and ROI of automated control system. For more information, please visit https://leadrex.io

About Bancor
Bancor Protocol is a standard for the creation of Smart Tokens™, cryptocurrencies with built-in convertibility directly through their smart contracts. Bancor utilizes an innovative token “connector” method to enable formulaic price calculation and continuous liquidity for all integrated tokens, without needing to match two parties in an exchange. Smart Tokens interconnect to form token liquidity networks, allowing user-generated cryptocurrencies to thrive. To convert tokens instantly, visit the Bancor Web App or join the Bancor Telegram group for more information.


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