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Risky, but at the same time very attractive and profitable business based on new technologies or scientific and technical discoveries.

There is a way to foresee the degree of risk of investments, since in the pricing of market assets there are patterns.

It does not matter whether it is valuable metals, stocks, oil, valuta or cryptocurrency.

Here they are:

Market price fluctuations have a special tendency. It means that each time the new price minimum will be lower than the previous one.

In the long term, the formation of a market price is carried out in three stages:

The first is cumulation (deals begin), the second is involving - during this period, a trend is formed (large-scale transactions between participants, price growth accelerates) and the third stage is the realization, this is when the price reaches its maximum (market agiotage contributes to the leap in exchange rates)

Experienced investors sell their assets at the peak of their popularity, since then they will certainly roll back in the opposite direction.

The duration of these phases is also predictable: the primary accumulation phase can last for years, but the second one -up to several months, and the agio can be from several hours to a couple of days, weeks.

Dow Jones theory also says that if the price falls or rises, and the bulk of trades changes is little, or changes in the level of trades are opposite to course changes, this is only a short-term phenomenon that can be caused by different things, because the market is influenced by news, various factors or just psychology of market participants. Only until when there is a clear turn of price in the opposite direction.

Various trading platforms, burses, currency markets (for example, Forex) serve as meeting points for buyers and sellers to make their deals. With the development of the Internet, there is no need to go to New York or London to get what you want.

Now people can buy even stocks of Somali pirates, which give them right to a part of their booty. Stocks are issued by companies, which are engaged in sea robbery.

New technologies are becoming more common.

For the successful management of financial assets in the global market, the AIDUS project has been developed.

The platform is based on blockchain technology, which guarantees high security for users. Transactions between investors and asset management companies are carried out through smart contracts.

Users of the platform are not limited geographically, all calculations are made by AIDUS coins, investments can be made all over the world and there is no currency exchange, transfers and commissions. Any financial transactions can be hold on the platform even through the phone.

The value of AIDUS coins will be provided by attracted capital and with fund growth, the cost will increase. Investors can immediately pay with coins and use them on the stock market.

The main areas for investment: asset management, gaming, music.

The platform will connect investors and fund management companies worldwide. The currency exchange commission is excluded due to the use of cryptocurrency. Transactions are safe because they are based on blockchain technology and are concluded through smart contracts directly. Confidential information and investors’ property are protected.

Token Idus is the insurance of the influence of cryptocurrency volatility: if the market price of cryptocurrencies falls, the cost of the assets does not decrease during the term of the agreement, if the price of cryptocurrencies rises, then the investor can choose either the income from the rising price of cryptocurrency or the rate of the fund profitability.

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This is a good idea. project is promising

Naturally, the future is cryptocurrency

This is really the right project. The information is good.

I'm glad to be helpful

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