Blockchain Based Luxury Platform Aimed For Easy and Transparent Interactions Between Companies and Customers

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ALLUXE is a blockchain-based luxury platform aimed at an easy and transparent interaction between companies and customers in the luxe segment through cryptocurrencies and modern technology. This is an innovative solution for the crypto-elite people, the rich who demand comfort level, service quality, and confidentiality.

ALLUXE helps you plan your trip or business trip, rent a premium car, yacht, or luxury real estate and make expensive purchases anywhere in the world.

ALLUXE technology features

One of the key features of ALLUXE is the use of Blockchain technology that enables a transparent, open and secure platform for all transaction participants, to reduce transaction costs, business costs and simplify the buying and leasing process.

Smart contracts contribute to the full automation of bureaucratic procedures, while decentralization changes the logic of the transaction process and sets new standards for the benefit of all users of the system: lessors, lessees, sellers, and third parties.

Monetization Model

Referral fee

This platform charges fees from successful transactions


Ads integrated with partners, individual VIP placements

Transactions and conversions

When building a settlement within a platform, fees are charged for international transactions and currency conversions.

VIP membership in a private club

VIP status grants high privileges in its platforms and activities (events, world tours with club members and partners, 24/7 concierge service, access to unique special offers etc.). The number of VIP membership slots is limited.

Advantages of ALLUXE

1.) A simple and intuitive interface that ensures convenient interaction with the platform
2.) Using blockchain technology and smart contracts guarantees the independence and compliance requirements of each contract
3.) International universal payments and settlements using cryptocurrency. There are no financial limitations and bank fees
4.) Confidentiality of user information and data privacy
5.) There are no geographical restrictions. Buy goods, rent property and pay for services anywhere in the world!
6.) Partner verification and ranking in the rating system
7.) A wide range of offerings
8.) Cashback, as well as the additional bonuses and rewards provided by the loyalty program
9.) High service level and service quality
10.) Market price. ALLUXE offers products and services with official partner prices
11.) Security and high-speed transactions
12.) Decentralized infrastructure to protect against fraud and for the settlement of disputes without any strings attached.


Using blockchain technology, ALLUXE strives to rediscover the process of purchasing and renting luxe properties. By combining smart contracts, blockchain and, modern technology, we have set new standards for financial relationships that take into account the interests of all parties, lessors, lessees, sellers, and third parties.


  • 2016 - 4Q
    The idea behind the project
    Initially, ALLUXE was conceived as a luxury service, a mobile app designed to meet the needs of the rich to lease premium properties. But experience and professional backgrounds help globalize the product and bring it to a new level

  • 2017 - 1Q
    Starting from product creation
    The ALLUXE service is designed to incorporate all exclusive offers to rent luxury properties on one platform and remove geographical boundaries

  • 2017 - 2Q
    MVP First, work with partners
    By demonstrating a viable product, we can attract first partners and users, which is a boost for further service development

  • 2017 - 3Q
    Launch of iOS and Android apps
    An embodiment of ideas In Q3 2017, we placed the ALLUXE app for iOS and Android in the appropriate market. Currently, we have over 10,000 users worldwide

  • 2018 - 1Q
    Creating the concept of LuxeCoin & Whitepaper
    We have prepared key documents to promote ALLUXE platform and attract investors. The concept of the project token itself, LuxeCoin (LXC), has been formulated.
    Private Sale of LuxeCoin tokens (LXC)
    The first stage of selling tokens is personal selling. Possibility to buy LXC token at the most favorable price and earn up to 40%

  • 2018 - 2Q
    Pre-sale of LuxeCoin tokens (LXC)
    The second stage of token sales with the possibility of getting a bonus up to 25%

  • 2018 - 3Q
    MVP web platform. Completed iOS & Android mobile app
    Launch of the ALLUXE website and finalization of iOS and Android mobile apps, intended to update the service in light of the company's updated capabilities
    Token Sale
    General sale of the LXC token to attract the maximum number of participants. Upon the completion of the Token Sale, all unsold tokens will be terminated by a smart contract
    LuxeCoin Publishing (LXC)
    Give the LuxeCoin token credit to the participant crypto purse from all stages of Token Sales
    Sell token on the exchange
    Adding token on the exchange will strengthen ALLUXE's position as a real international business designed to simplify the search and interaction of sellers and buyers of luxury goods

  • 2018 - 4Q
    ALLUXE MVP Platforms
    Presentation of ALLUXE platform with cryptocurrency payment option applied

  • 2019 - 1Q
    Increased business
    The ALLUXE service is represented in 35 cities, with over 5,000 unique offers

  • 2019 - 2Q
    Launched ALLUXE crypto wallet
    To make payment, we will make our own ALLUXE crypto wallet, comfortable and safe

  • 2019 - 3Q
    Launched the ALLUXE blockchain platform
    Start a blockchain based platform. At this stage, all standard contracts with a set of minimum requirements will be explained. Gradually, the logic of intelligent contracts will become more complex, illustrating even the standard terms of the contract

  • 2019 - 4Q
    Global business development
    The priority task is to support and improve the business, which will work for the benefit of users and platform partners. Active work to expand the partnership network and increase the number of active users.


During the work, we have established long-term partnerships with leading companies in the luxe segment, specializing in premium car rental and sports, residential leases, yacht charter, luxury technical and trading industries. At the same time, we are continuing to expand our partner network and increase the number of offers to make ALLUXE products more appealing to our customers.

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