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RE: ICON ICO Review - First South Korean Public Blockchain

in #ico6 years ago

Lol, I am not sure if pro gaming can directly translate to being technologically more advanced. But I agree with you, South Korea is the perfect place to home brew a brand new blockchain.

Ps. I was an all masters SC2 player, and further back I was ranked world no.1 war2 player :D


I played League since Season1 and in my best year, which was season 1, I met people like FNC Xpeke in my games. Too bad I did not care about the pro scene back then.

I do think the strategical thinking, reflexes and even experimental freedom (strategy crafting) you develop in a high elo are way underrated.

That is why I think correlating tech-savy and game-savy is not that far off. But surely it is just one of the reasons why I trust Koreans to ccome up with a decent blockchain

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