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Alex Alexandrov is a serial crypto fraudster living in Vancouver, BC. He's been involved with so many crypto scams. Hope this guy is sent to federal prison in the US. Feds need to move on this before more victims lose money. This guy will not stop until he is brought to justice.

I urge OP to dig deeper on the Alexandrov rabbit hole. He was involved with crypto ponzi scheme CCPT.IO which fleeced investors of hundreds of millions of $$$.


Thanks for the insight, I was not aware of that, haven't researched him. I thought Coinpayments was legit, but now it all ads up. There is plenty of proof for this scheme already, I hope that people are willing to report and bring them to justice

coinpayments was legit, Alexandrov bought it to give himself credibility. Ive already filed several SEC complaints about him and CCPT.IO but I havent heard back from any Agency yet.

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