Well, your high votes on those posts aren't helping the platform but harming it.

Excuse me ? I believe my voting on good content and people contributing to the platform help very much ? So in your eyes should I also remove my votes from your posts ?

James, please know that I do see and appreciate your small upvotes to some of my Utopian moderation comments. I like to help people as much as I can, and be as honest as I can, and not just "hit a pre-defined template button".

And yes, your upvotes actually do positively motivate me to continue writing a few sentences more here and there than the bare minimum.

On a side-note, I spend even far more time (4> hours per article) writing top-quality articles myself. Did you see them? Littleboy, who I respect as well, complimented me even on my top-notch articles (I was top-voted Utopian author 3 weeks in a row).

Therefore littleboy, James: I appreciate you both!

The problem is the weight you vote on him. You are giving 100% votes on his posts and that is affecting utopian algorithm.

I believe my voting on good content and people contributing to the platform help very much ?

Depends on the votes. In case of followbtcnews, it was harmful. It allocated extra rewards to him from utopian votes. His posts already gets high votes from utopian. If you high vote on them before the utopian vote, the bot will massively increase the sp because you have a high voting power.

We are fixing the issue soon. The bot algorithm will be updated to prevent such thing from happening.

The reason I give him high votes is because I see him spending money on Facebook to market Utopian and Steemit, so I am hoping my votes help him with those costs

Considering the fact that you are selling votes via MB, I thought you were selling to him as well. That's why I asked.

aww..Ok that makes sense, I understand your question now. Ok to be transparent you can see that only 8% a day is sold there to help with costs, then another 12% I manually curate, mainly utopian posts and mods to help them because I believe in Utopian and also try to vote the mods there on their approval comments for all their hard work.

I am trying my best to help people on the platform by spreading votes out. It's not perfect yet, but I am trying my best.

Can you join the steemit moderation channel where we can help you find good content? It will improve your reputation and help place the votes where they are needed.

I think you are aware that I am critic of many of freedom's delegations. But so far, I haven't found much abuse by you. That's why I am asking.

let me know if you joined the discord server.

Sure! that sounds great! Let me go eat and I will download discord and join that link, do you have same username their ?

Are you on Discord already James? If so, what is your username there? (You don't need to download Discord, it has a great website, but you could download an app on mobile as well, I use both!)

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