My investments into new icos journey post 1.

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Hello steemit!
We had bad start of this year , but seems crypto market now is more stable and have chance to grow again, so i started to invest more into new icos and buying more and more new tokens with fiat.

I will post once in a week some report of my portfolio and i will not include my etherium,bitcoin and tokens in exchanges into it, and only will share my tokens from new icos and what are in my etherium wallet.

token balance.png

So far i got 5 tokens:

500 BOUTS ( tokens from karate ico, value is super low like 0.006 etherium)

49218 NIC - (ICONIC in preico with bonus about 1 ETH, only problem that will be again in may ico, so im nore sure when to the moon and at least to the exchanges)

4821 MOC ( around 0.7 ETH, will wait to the moon i love this kind of tokens)

125000 KIM ( joke coin like doge, but with great design and team just check it i bought around 10k tokens and received x12.5 for free, from all unsold tokens i think, so price in exchange for first month will be super low, because of this)

25 candy - ( this one received for free from unicorn game , not sure how to destroy it)

So far im around 2.7 ETH in investments, but because no exchanges im 0$ in showing, hope in next 3-5 months all will change, i will try to post this kind of post once in 2-4 weeks.

Thnx for reading, see you again in few weeks with more coins;)

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These are the worst ideas . Why would any of these be desirable? that said thanks for posting.

they are not for long term but for short around 3-6 months, plus some of them are kinda good projects, the things are in terms of btc/etherium its good to invest into ico,because its not hard to make some profit.

Thanks for the update, best of luck in the wild world of ICOs!

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