Summary of IceChain progress and token distribution schedule

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Dear IceChain members,

Thank you very much for your support! With your help, we have made great progress. Testnet v0.1 was sucessfully launched, several new trading markets were added, staking reward announced and we are preparing for Testnet v1.0.

Trading markets

During the past three months, we have expanded to several new exchanges. Currently IceChain is trading at 6 exchanges, all of them are listed on CMC.

Development Progress

Public testnet v0.1 has been launched since March 11, 2019. You could find our testnet here:
Testnet V1.0 will be live on 30.05.2019

Staking rewards and testnet mining

Top 200 wallets holding ICHX will be granted access to testnet mining with future possibilities to convert vICHX to ICHX at 1:1 ratio! Snapshot will be taken before testnet launch (30.05.2019 at 00:00 UTC)

Token distribution schedule

We would like to announce the token release schedule. All tokens of private sale (linearly unlocked), future development fund and IceChain team will remain locked for 12 months (September 2019).

Private sale purchasers (40% total): Locked for 1 year (linearly unlocked) with 25% to be released on 15/12/2018. Next releases are: 25% tokens after 6 months (15/03/2019), 25% token after 9 months (15/06/2019), 25% token after 12 months (15/09/2019).

Future development funds (25% total): Will be burned (sent to 0x address) during mainnet swap

Team (10% total): The team part has 1 year lock-up plan (September 2019)

Thank you for your continuous support!


IceChain Team

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