you're welcome ;)

$10 Free worth of Eth tokens!! Authorship ICO you will receive 75 ATS tokens! just need an Eth Wallet!

Why did you thank me for this post and downvoted it? It's now hidden :(

There are rumors that the original post is a fraud in Japan community. But it is not a problem of this post! I'm so sorry.

Thank you very much for taking back the downvote :) But what original post? Could you post link to it? I would like to know if I should have promoted it than.

Recently, there are many scams on slack. It seems to be a suspicion.I think that you might go as you believe.

Ok. I've asked about it on telegram. Maybe they know something.

Thank you so much!

Tor Bair from Enigma's team replied on telegram:
"We should make sure anyone skeptical joins our Telegram and Slack communities so they can confirm communications with our team.
The more visible the project gets the more opportunity for scammers
If you're promoting Enigma somewhere else, make sure you are also promoting our Slack, Telegram, and Twitter so people can see our official communications"

good morning! thanks a lot!

you write thank and you downvoted his post, wtf?

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