HOW TO Enigma's Catalyst ICO Crowdsale Whitelist

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Yesterday (07.08.2017), there was big announcement on the Enigma's slack. They posted information about doing a whitelist for thier Catalyst Intial Coin Offering. They claim that getting accepted for it will give you possibility to obtain as many tokens as you indicated (IN DOLLARS) in the form for one hour after their crowdsale begins.

Original post:

HOW TO apply?

  1. Make your own telegram or slack profile (I would suggest doing both).
    Slack: (e-mail adress needed)
    Telegram: (also phone numer needed)

  2. You need to open the form:
    It should look like this:

  3. Fill the form.
    I'd still suggest putting both telegram and slack profiles and rethinking amount you want to contribute.

  4. Click send button.

  5. If everything went right you should get message like this one:

THE END. Now you just have to wait for personalized link that will give you possibility to buy tokens for amount in dollars you claimed in the form.

UPDATE 09.08.2017
Why haven't I received my confirmation email?
Don't worry. You shouldn't have. They are looking into setting up mailchamp for that.

Original post:

UPDATE2 09.08.2017
I received my confirmation email. It looks like this:

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I'm sure they mean MailChimp, but overall, great article. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks ;)

Whats the difference between just registering for the ico and being on the whitelist? (n00b comment)

You have one hour before ICO to purchase tokens

does anyone else have problem with the official enigma website (slack included).
I cannot access it for many days and get: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

I saw some screenshot on telegram from Etherscan, that the website was hacked and they taken it down, dont know if that is true.

It is true. They were hacked unfortunately.

Enigma slack, website and email hacked, don't send any funds to them!
Presale should be available at 11th September.

super!:) thank you

No problem ;) I'm glad you liked it


you're welcome ;)

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Why did you thank me for this post and downvoted it? It's now hidden :(

There are rumors that the original post is a fraud in Japan community. But it is not a problem of this post! I'm so sorry.

Thank you very much for taking back the downvote :) But what original post? Could you post link to it? I would like to know if I should have promoted it than.

Recently, there are many scams on slack. It seems to be a suspicion.I think that you might go as you believe.

Ok. I've asked about it on telegram. Maybe they know something.

Thank you so much!

Tor Bair from Enigma's team replied on telegram:
"We should make sure anyone skeptical joins our Telegram and Slack communities so they can confirm communications with our team.
The more visible the project gets the more opportunity for scammers
If you're promoting Enigma somewhere else, make sure you are also promoting our Slack, Telegram, and Twitter so people can see our official communications"

you write thank and you downvoted his post, wtf?

Here’s a step by step guide to buying and storing Enigma tokens:

And also try some airdrops, OK?

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