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 It is now difficult to find the branch of the economy, which has not yet been invaded by the newfangled technology of the blockade. But the new technology is especially in demand in the financial sphere, where its application will help achieve the most rapid and positive development of the entire financial and economic system.

 But for the full integration of the detachment into our current reality, there are still many problems that prevent its wider use in many economic spheres and in everyday life. Although the blockade has long had its own specific market, its own economic platform and its own currency.

 But due to high volatility and closeness, the Investments in many ways are characterized by speculative tendencies, and often it is not meant to use tokens as a real coin for payment. Proceeding from this, the developers had an idea to create a new platform — PAYERA, with the help of which it will be possible to use the crypt's currency with great profit.

 The developers of the ecosystem were motivated to develop a new system, which would make it possible to carry out crypts currency operations without fear of losing their investments due to significant market volatility. The new platform will meet the highest security criteria, convenient and understandable for all its users.

How it works


Platform features:

  • Payer is a payment specialized ecosystem with its own multi currency wallet and exchange. For buyers and sellers of goods a convenient platform is created, where all purchases can be paid for by any convenient crypt's currency, but at the same time sellers have the option of choosing the most convenient currency for them in which they will accept payment.

  • The intro platform transactions for the participants of the transaction will be completely transparent, so that on request one can always identify one of the parties. While this platform provides enhanced protection in the conduct of virtual trading operations.

  • The system has developed its own rating system, where the most active participants of the platform can receive significant bonuses in the form of quick payments and reduced commissions in the transaction.

  • All conflicts that arise between the platform participants will be regulated by the Payer command. With a decrease in reputation, it is necessary to give convincing arguments to the arbitrators to confirm this status.

  • All transactions conducted using your wallet for the users of the platform will be completely free of charge.

  • Simple users will be able to raise their own rating to the business level, in which access to the wallet is provided with the help of fingerprints or PIN codes.

  • The platform itself will not have access to your wallet, which is carried out using a private key known only to you.

  • In case of a transaction, a commission is charged depending on the seller's rank at a rate of 1% and even less, while other platforms require 3 to 5% for such operations.

  • With each performed operation on your recommendation, you will receive a percentage of the transaction on your purse by referral link.

  • The most popular crypts currencies will be determined by voting of the whole Payer community and after that automatically get into the exchange's crypts currency exchange and will be exchanged for other currencies or fiat.


Payera consists of three main segments:

  1. Platform with its own purse and exchange;
  2. Shopper — own online store for users of the platform and individuals for the sale of new or second-hand goods;
  3. Payer Charity — replenish able reserve fund platform, which will be spent on charitable purposes. - 100.00%

More details can be found on the links:

White paper:
Bounty Thread:


Telegram: @Elchin2 (
ETH address: 0x6cE3A5d8943f97637FF511768199Ba174f7A172f


Is this bounty still open?

i think until the end of ICO

I really liked the project, I hope that it will have many new members who will continue to participate in it.

Solidarity with you

Of course, the competition is dwindling - but it always went only for the benefit of projects - I think this project will also show itself

Quite right

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excellent review, the project is just super

the project is worthy of attention, I think people will find it very useful for its extensive functionality

I agree with you!

The article is written correctly, the design-gorgeous!

Good idea. Promisingly and profitable

I agree with you!

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