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Good afternoon dear friends. Today I would like to talk to you about one thing you already know about the Project called Miracle tel. The project is very interesting for both investors and users around the world. Because the project creates a unique mobile network using blockchain technology and already known technology called (MVNO). Why this project is considered unique. The fact of the matter is that mobile operators are constantly evolving with every second probably person on Earth already has a mobile phone. And they all pay a lot of money in order to keep in touch with their relatives, use them in everyday life, and also use mobile communications to work for negotiations. But the main problem of mobile communication today is territoriality. To send somewhere abroad you start to experience problems with mobile communications. The fact is that the price of negotiations abroad is very expensive because it passes through other network operators and its conversations are tremendously increasing. The Miracle Tele project aims to address this major problem everywhere. This will be achieved through new technologies, which will give the project an ideal price for the market around the world. Why this project is so interesting because it uses advanced technologies and this is the first project of this level aimed at the mass market and the introduction of cryptocurrency to the masses, as well as the simplification of each of us. Personally, I liked one interesting item in the project that I can create numbers for other countries using just one sim card. For many commercial organizations and in general for ordinary people, this will be a serious way out of the situation with every truck driver who constantly travels around the countries, they can easily contact their relatives at a normal price and will not overpay for communication services. This applies not only to truckers, but this also applies to all people who are associated with travel by tourists and with international negotiations. I do not think that the project will stop developing with the sole purpose of making international calls cheaper. The project also wants to work in the domestic markets of countries and provides an excellent price for negotiations, traffic speed and much more.

The main problems of mobile operators today

  • The main problems of operators today is regionality. Mobile operators cannot provide us today with a low price for their services abroad. What is a big problem for many of us? Even the new application new messengers cannot solve our problems. Because abroad the cost of 1 GB of the Internet is also very high. What puts us all in a dead end. And we can not use communication services, not Internet services, it will be too expensive for us.

  • Price for communication services. This is also the problem of many operators, not everyone can give a good price. Although in many countries the price of services within the network is very good, but still not so everywhere.

  • New applications and programs that allow you to communicate within the Internet network is also not a way out of this situation. As we said earlier that the price of Internet traffic in other countries is very high, there is always the opportunity to connect to wi-fi. Yes, therefore we will not consider new instant messengers such as Telegram, Viber and Skype as international communication services.

Miracle Tele

The world's first mobile operator on the blockchain opens up a new opportunity. First, it is payment for services using cryptocurrency. Today is the most important morning which is developing intensively. Every day there are projects. And this means that we can pay for communication services at any time. Our cryptocurrencies have a small account, we can store it or on Miracle tele. And for this, we will receive a good bonus. Well, this is not a key feature of the project. The project intends to work in most countries in the world. The project has already declared 163 countries. And that means wherever you go, you will always be in touch with your clients, family, and friends. You can register on the Miracle Tele platform already today without any difficulty. The only item that I have not yet verified is connecting my own SIM card to the Miracle Tele network. This item is already present on the platform and as soon as possible I will try to experience all the charms of the mobile operator’s blockchain.


This project is interesting to you from the point of view of investments, too. Because, in addition to investing in the Miracle Tele project, or giving away unique bonuses. We will receive a certain percentage of keeping our Tele coins. In order to find out what we can get, you should register on the site and see the conditions under which you can get an additional reward. Let's think about this. Today there are too few projects of this level. Which aims to massively introduce technology into the world. And this project has no competitors at the moment. Classic mobile services are already becoming obsolete. And they are not yet ready to apply this new technology. Why I think so. The fact is that many projects are not yet ready for the blockchain, say Facebook has just recently announced that it wants to create its own cryptocurrency to work actively. And this is a world giant. This means that the world of blockchain technology will constantly evolve and who will be the first to occupy the industry will rule there for the next 10-20 years.


Well, what can I add to the conclusion? The project is unique. It gives a good price for its customers. It gives investors an opportunity to invest their money well. It gives an opportunity to receive bonuses by keeping These Tele coins. We all know that the telecommunications market is huge. Working in 163 countries The project will reach a new level unavailable for mobile operators. The project also has a unique development program for attracting customers. They provide a very serious referral program for all those who will advertise the project. And this means that very soon it will be possible to actively promote these products in all countries of the world. New users will connect. Moreover, newer users will be able to develop the best Miracle Tele theme and its blockchain network.

🌏Website: https://miracletele.com/
📃Lightpaper: https://miracletele.com/files/lightpaper.pdf
🔊Telegram: https://t.me/miracletelecom
🔊Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiracleTelecom
🔊Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiracleTele/

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