How is it to run an ICO ? Solar coach - $ 30 millions raised in 2 hours.

13 days ago

You can now exchange TOPSOL on the Bitshares platform

Of course, this is a joke !
In the real life, people are shooting at crowd, government spend trillions on defense, companies pollute the underground to extract shale gas and we burn 84 millions of baril of oil in our ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) per days.
Smart people are working on a new facebook, new smart contracts, new smart media tokens. Few of them are interested by renewable energy and the energy transition.
In the real life, we let migrants to drown in the Mediterranean sea, and we enjoy taking a drink at the Riviera bars.

This is why I created Solar coach, to teach about solar energy, climate change and invent a new way to invest in solar energy.

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This will take some time. In his latest moovie, an inconvenient suite, Al Gore explains that people cannot be frighten by something they never seen.
I am doing the same job that Al Gore and Elon Musk, I only have a smaller audience and Solar coach incomes are smaller, too.
But it doesn't matter, what is important is that more and more people shift from fossil fuel to renewable energy.

You can earn TOPSOL if you organize a Solar & Crypto awareness event in your town

You can buy them for 5 BTS on
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You can burn some more oil.

It is up to you !

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I really am interested in topsol. Infact thats the direction were we going, someday no one want to use petrol power vehicle or coal power plant. Instead we all gather and harvest energy from the sun. Its free

thanks for sharing of Solar farming by bitshare


You are welcome.

Of course, this is a joke !

Nice clickbait ;)

Here you can listen and read the transcript of TopSol:
make sure to click the subtitles button or open the transcript (on YouTube).

The audio is rather low and I haven't quite edited the misspellings yet sorry. Let me know if you want that, @chrisaiki starts around 7:30

Good post. We should all be investing in cryptocurrencies NOW!!!

Pls check out my short story you might enjoy it

TOPSOL in a nutshell:
You buy TopSol, invest in Solar Farms which produce energy from the sun, and Solar Coach will pay your electricity bill. Thus it is like you were using solar energy even if you live in the city!

Is that correct @chrisaiki?


exactly ! a part of your electricity bill, depending how much TOPSOL you own.


Yes part of your bill, not the whole bill sorry :D


I'm interested. Will look into this more.


Spending electricity to mine a crypto does not make sense for me.


google "blockchain for beginners" friend.


Proof of authority is better than proof of work.


Technically, the best time to buy was whoever traded a couple pizzas for 10,000 BTC... ;P


that guy must have hanged himself, poor guy..

I think its one of the most meaningful ICOs i have seen so far, rooting down what the world is really in need. thumbs up!


Thank you !