The Pre-Sale of our project is going on

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And there are still 20 days to buy CST tokens. Today we would like to remind some important details of our Pre-Sale.

✔Any investor who is ready to spend a sum of $10000 or more can own the tokens

✔the price of the token CST is 0,12$

✔CST tokens can be purchased only on the official website

✔for fast communication there is an official telegram chat of the project

✔sell of the tokens will last until 02.08.2018.

‼Important! Our social network administrators are NEVER the first to send private messages.

Administrators NEVER send personal wallets to pay for tokens.

NEVER click on unfamiliar links that unknown people send to you – they may be scammers.

Only you decide whether you want to become part of large Casper API project and purchase CST tokens.

We recommend you to study the project yourself and ask questions to the team members or the community.

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