ICO Successfully Finished

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It was a long journey for Birdchain ICO but it’s finally finished.

ICO achievements

Since the beginning of Birdchain ICO we have had more than 3600 contributors and distributed more than 145 million Bird tokens. What’s extraordinary is that we signed 9 partnerships. That pre-bought 600 ETH worth of our tokens for future Birdchain services!

Over the course of the ICO we have truly built an impressive and united community! Our Telegram community can be described with pride as super friendly, super active and supper supportive. It’s number tallies around 20000 strong. There doesn’t go a day by that we are not surprised by the creativity of our community. Just gifs alone makes us smile.

We try to keep our community engaged and full of creative material for their content through our Youtube Channel. Were we do live streams to share latest news about Birdchain. We can say with pride that we were the only ICO project that did live streams daily and grew the subscriber numbers to 11000!

While Facebook, Twitter and Instagram jointly has over 23000 followers!


Many of people were asking “when will the Birdchain hits the exchanges”. Even though we can’t say what exchanges we are planning to use, we will be on exchanges in 6 weeks. We still need to find the best solutions for all of our users and ourselves.

Birdchain App

Before we hit the exchanges we are also going to release our Birdchain app. This will be the alpha version of the app. It will be available at first only to our contributors!
The closing of ICO is not the end of our hard work, now it’s time to go into deeper waters.

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