Alfa-Enzo – the first global blockchain platform.

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The development of modern technology allows you to use the Internet on different devices, anywhere in the World. Thanks to this, the development of various social sites and platforms based on the blockchain began. People, in any corner of the globe, can earn digital money – cryptocurrency. But today, to use cryptocurrency for micro-payments, there is no possibility. Therefore, most owners of this currency simply invest it in another project.

The Alfa-Enzo platform is designed to solve such problems as: micro-payments in various fields (payment of any services, utility payments, purchase of products); exchange of cryptocurrency for Fiat currency (for withdrawal of funds in the country); a small number of transactions per second (for transfer or receipt of funds). These are the main problems of the world that remain unresolved to this day.

Alfa-Enzo is a new improved social network with blockchain technology, which makes it possible to earn money for everyone who is active in this network by simply making transactions and receiving a reward in the form of project tokens.

The purpose of Alfa-Enzo is to solve the above problems, while allowing users of the platform to store, buy, and transfer cryptocurrency using only a mobile application.

The Alfa-Enzo platform consists of several parts:
Alfa. A mobile application that is designed to communicate using the same type of messages. The mobile app version is already available for iOS.

Push. This is an advertising platform of social nature, created on the principle of self-service users. It pinpoints the issues marketing and make advertising message with a 90% chance of viewing.

Valet. This is the wallet that is assigned to each application in the EON system. This wallet allows users to create smart contracts for more secure transactions.

The Alfa-Enzo team wants to build a platform where users can make transactions at a faster rate, and also secure to protect funds.

In my opinion, this project deserves special attention. The reasons for this are listed above, and the main thing is that the team has done a tremendous job to promote their company. With great confidence we can say that this project has a good reputation in the cryptocurrency market.

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Thank you for interesting article. If the team succeeds to implement the conceived it can become the best blockchain platform.

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