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Stay warm lol. And keep us updated!

Have a nice time buddy in Iceland :)

Enjoy your holiday
I hope to have a great time in Iceland
Have a great sunday

Looks cold, but Cool ;-) Island have amazing nature there, you will see it or be in the city?

Good morning!

good morning how was your flight

Really Iceland is beautiful country & Iceland is perhaps the most naturally beautiful place in the world.

Actually, i believe the entire world should help to preserve this as in my opinion, the best place to visit on earth. It has a combination of glaciers, hot springs, just pure beauty unimaginable by any person. It's so surreal, so, amazing. This is a place I would consider living here one day. It looks so amazing, I know I'm only 15 but I'm saving money to visit this place one day, maybe try to be a foreign exchange student for somewhere in Europe. And I can say after page after page I read about it, it is where I hope one day I can visit.

However, there are many spectacular place i hope you will enjoy it.
Enjoy yourself @knirchy (best of luck)
Love lots @pranto


there's a typo in @knircky's username :)

You have nailed it mate!

Keep an eye out for Bjork

W0W! @knircky you have did it!

I am so excited! I am going to Iceland in october 2018 and renting a car so I will be driving around the whole island. It has been a dream of mine to go there with my youngest daughter - only 5 more weeks!

Be happy with your journey.
Enjoy your holiday.
Thank you.

That's a pretty cool pic. Do you live in the Northeast of the USA? How long was the flight? In Iceland, you can literally see the widening chasm between North America and Europe with your own eyes. Go to the Thingvellir national park and see the rift valley between the North American continental plate and the Eurasian continental plate.

Enjoy your week in Iceland, @knircky and keep us updated.

seems gonna rain XD

Iceland?? Wow, is amazing country.

Enjoy, I would like to visit Iceland too.

All work with out play make jack a dull boy

Welcome @knirky

Public Opinions:
Iceland will likely be the last majority White country on Earth. Protect your homogeneity Iceland! Don't buy into failed multicultural experiment that is crippling the rest of Europe. A truly beautiful country.

Actually i live in Bangladesh. But must be the best and most buetiful northen country/island. It looks fantastic!

So enjoy your travel...
Have a good day...
Steem on!