Peter Cech Saves Another Penalty. But in a Different Sport.

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Image by oskaline from Pixabay

One of the best goalkeepers of his generation just made his deput in goal for the ice hockey team the Guildford Phoenix who played the Swindon Wildcats in the national hockey stadium Southern Conference Division 2. Who would of thought it. Cech's first love was ice hockey. Cech grew up in Plzen in Western Czech republic and ice hockey was always the top sport. Instead of going to the gym while he played for Arsenal. Cech asked Wenger could he go onto the ice instead. Wenger said yes with hesitance.
The last time Cech played in goal was the Europa League final. Chelsea scored two past him , Hazard being one of them. There were 51,000 in attendance, 909 turned up the other night to see him make his debut but normally there would be crowds of a little of 100.

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Things didn't start well for Cech who conceded a goal to Mason Lipsey whose name goes down in history among an elite league that have scored past him but the game ended in a tie which meant a sudden death shootout. Lipsey stepped up to make sure that the Czech keeper would be going hime with his tail between his legs. He hit the ball at pace and it came off Cech's left knee guard and went up in the air. Cech's teammates started skating towards him in celebration. The serial winner was now a winner on ice. Thinking back on all the great victories for Chelsea I wonder where he ranked this one. Would it of beaten his man of the match display against Munich to win the champions league. Who knows?
Cech has now completed a boyhood dream of playing hockey professionally. He has even built an ice hockey pitch in his back garden to practice. He still has his full time job as technical director at Chelsea to contend with so he has to juggle the two


Those puk's come at speed so it is a lot down to luck and guesswork. Good to see him fulfilling a dream though as too many of us don't.

He has good reflexes from the football and Hazard in training

This guy should be retiring, why playing in another sports for more fame or more money? Is so strange seeing him in that kit.

Doubt he gets much money from it. He loves it .

I used to watch a lot of hockey when the Red Wings were on their streak of playoff appearances. Those were the good old days. I never made it to a live game though, which is kind of a bummer for me. I just don't feel like it would be the same now that they are at Little Caesars Arena. We do have a local IHL team that plans one city over from us. I have been to a couple of their games and they are always exciting.

Whats the story with the fights . It kind if happens in every match. They just go at it. Its mad that they let them fight. Find the whole thing bizarre.

@josediccus I have a feeling this actually had nothing to do with fame or money. I think he really is playing hockey because he wanted to have fun out there. If Harry Kane or Carli Lloyd want to be kickers in the NFL, it'll be the same thing. They want to have fun out there. Which is great. I see nothing wrong with that. He wouldn't have a rink in his yard if he didn't find hockey fun to play. He'd have kept playing football if it was about the money. Kudos to him.

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He's had a lot of good memories as a football player saving countless penalties. I'm glad he's still in his touch even though not in his prime sport anymore. Great news for the legend!

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