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From 3d experience your biggest annoyance is going to be learning a boatload of stuff and realising that you can do so much better and wanting to rework all the things XD So unless tweaking models is actually going to speed things up leave that for updates or you will get bogged big time :D

Foliage is looking good and so is the water I couldn't comment on last night as by the time I got to it I was upvote-running because I needed to go to bed XD


Poor old Lordroach is stuck in a recycle machine of build, rebuild better. The good news is somethings are now being locked in, like the trees and leaves ...although yeah, later a better way will be discovered...hehe all fun :)

It's part of the reason why I'm taking so long with my project. I started work on a few characters, then when I was editing my scripts I found so many gaping plot chasms (mostly from where I was thinking things should happen instead of watching what was happening) that it needed a complete rewrite (which took a while) and while I was doing that I realised I didn't understand why some of the things were happening (which was part of the reason why I was trying to write other things) so I started trying to do a basic outline of the past so I could work out why some things were the way they were which led to the discovery of more characters which meant much more detailed outlines than I was intending as I hastily scrawled notes on these new characters I'd found.

And while all THAT was going on my 3d skills improved so much that it was easier to restart than try to fix/salvage my existing work x_x

Fortunately I've only been making tiny managable improvements since 2012 so I my actually get somewhere this time XD

With a game you'll be able to do visual improvements (and they're looking pretty sweet already, but game mechanics and story and engagement are usually more important) in updates down the track when you have time :)

I hope Roachy is commenting his code a lot, as I also remember nightmares of trying to work out what in the hell my amateur spaghetti was trying to accomplish with some early websites I did XD

Yeah I think programmers are very under recognised (the hours that go in are incredible) but at some point you have to release.

Roaches first game took years to release as fast as he could code, newer and better tools were coming out as well (I just kept pushing him)...leaving him never happy and having to start again.

This time he has a supportive steem community sitting on his shoulder and hopefully some keen early testers as well. It's taking a bit of time but things are being ticked off :).

Tell him not to be like me! O_O LoL XD

(I told him on the Discord already but tell him again anyway XD)

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