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This post is to allow people to enrol for and play in the Interactive Battle Tournament #6

 YOU MUST ENROL NOW! or miss out on the battle fun and easy win Steem. 

  • 20+ Steem is being given away over the next week for those who participate!
  • Everyone who enrols gets followed by @wizardzap and has all their posts upvoted for free! 



To Enrol you must:  

  • Comment here in this enrolment post indicating that you want to play. i.e. You simply  reply to this post and say "I would like to play".
  • Specify what Character Class you would like to play as, you must be either a Warrior, Wizard or Archer. 

For Extra fun you may:  

  •  Provide an image of your character it can be any image you want but its recommended you reference the source of your image (if you didn't create it yourself).
  • Provide a brief description of your player/character  it can be anything you like. If your unsure how or  don't  want to post  an image (I will assign a random image for you). If  you  don't specify  a description, I will provide a random one for you. 

There is no entry fee to enrol, you are simply asked to please Upvote the posts as you play. 


  • Your enrolment will be confirmed - a few days will pass
  • A detailed instructions post will come available (how to use bots to play) - see links below
  • A campaign map and item shop post will come available  - see links below
  • Stage One and Stage Two Battle posts will come available - see Campaign map post *Battle one and two*
  • Enrolments will close
  • Stage Three battle post with come available - see Campaign map post *Battle three*
  • Stage Four battle post with come available - see Campaign map post *Battle Four*
  • Stage Five (Random  mini-game  post) will come available - see Campaign map post *Battle Five*
  • Stage Six battle post with come available - see Campaign map post *Battle Six*
  • Boss Round battle post will come available - see Campaign map post *Final Battle*

Prizes will be handed out as each Stage post closes and winners are clear. 

I will deposit Steem directly into your wallets :)  


                            HOW TO WIN LOTS OF STEEM!

During Stages 1 to 6 It's incredibly easy to win Steem; as each Stage is posted you simply reply using the command for your character class. The idea is to try and beat the foe on the first attack on every Stage

Instructions on how to attack for your specific character class will be in each Stage posted... don't worry too much for now if your new. If you don't win  on the first attack you must keep trying until all your life points for  the stage are used (3 attempts). If you move on to another stage before  being successful, your remaining life points for the previous Stage  become invalid and won't help you win the final boss round. The final boss round is where the large Steem prizes are at.



This competition has been designed so once you understand it should only take a few  minutes every night to play and have fun winning Steem, before returning to your hard  work of posting quality content and earning even more Steem :). 

If your still unsure, just wait until other more experienced players post a reply and follow their lead. If you get totally lost either myself or @doughtaker our field judge will steer you the right direction.





Let the Enrolment begin!!

Special thanks to @spaceginger   for his artistic skills with the Interactive Battle Tournament  Image above, also thanks to @steemseph for his super sweet dividers. Some images are taken from abandonware games 

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  ·  last year (edited)

FOR AWARENESS if repeat players could please resteem and upvote it would be greatly appreciated. If we can't pickup fresh interest, gain more attention - I may not be able run future IBT contests.


Super thanks mate, is really appreciated!

Done and done.

Thanks mate - hey, your bro coming :)

I believe Raktan is sitting this one out. He said something about too much spatter on his tunic.

Done :)

Ta mate


Thanks mate - you always do heaps for IBT!


Resteemed! This game is ace!

Cheers Bengy!

I hope its fun. should be tops (gulp I hope :))

I would like to play. Angel Food, the wizard, seems ready to endure another journey.

Hey Angel food...What no picture??? here's one auto assigned hehe

Welcome wizard your enrolment has been confirmed.

Lol, I just came back to leave a picture! Thanks for adding one for Angel Food.


  ·  last year (edited)

This is good fun, I'll return again as Dareth the Thief Archer.


  ·  last year (edited)

Sweet! welcome back Dareth the Archer your enrolment has been confirmed.

Sounds fun!
Stick Archer is reporting for duty!

Heeeey, you're in all the games! Nice job man, they're all superfun!

  ·  last year (edited)

Nice! welcome Stick Archer your enrolment has been confirmed.

BuRguR MeCh accepts your challenge as Warrior with tasty dipping sauces and a spice blend that will beat all your bosses.

Haha here he is with more Heart stopping power.

Welcome BuRguR MeCH the Warrior your enrolment has been confirmed.


It's Doomguy, the star of the game that heralded in a new age of gaming, Doom. And he's bringing his trustworthy, fully loaded, doom-bringing BFG9000 into the fray. 15 big, green plasma balls of doom should be more than enough to doom any and all enemies that might get in his way.

Oh wait, space marine is not a valid class for what might be the doomsday edition of the IBT. Doomguy will just have to register as an archer, the next closest (but not really even close) thing.

hehe welcome Doomguy the archer - crazy cannon (BFG9000) you got there!

Your enrolment has been confirmed.

Literally my first gaming love... (well Doom2 specifically)!

Tim Ross

Tim Ross the Painting Wizard is always looking for new and interesting worlds to explore. He also enjoys making new friends and befriending the little creatures of nature as he happens upon them. This IBT will be a new experience for this Painting Wizard and he is looking forward to the Joy of IBT with all of you!

cool man! cant wait to see what you paint.
Welcome Tim Ross the wizard your enrolment has been confirmed

I'm going to play again I can't win prizes, but I like to play for fun!. Please welcome..

He is a human who recently got bitten by a cyber slug and is turning. His Cyber Arrows shall shoot true! Note his powerful and fancy Steem shirt!

I would like to play!

Bunny Fluff has now transformed into Wanda the Witchy Wizard. (because lets face it, Bunny Fluff really wasn't a very good wizard)


Nooo bunny has changed - Very nice pic! Good luck Wanda the Witchy Wizard.
Your enrolment has been confirmed.

Introducing Lord Fang, mighty vampire warrior!

Awesome! welcome Lord Fang the warrior
Your enrolment has been confirmed

  ·  last year (edited)

I'm a female wizard that goes by the name Connie Lingus.
I have been raised from birth by a tribe of powerful female wizards that have isolated themselves far from all men. In our tribe training with magic begins at a very young age. My role in the tribe is to protect and secure our land from all invaders (men), as well to seek out gifted female children of which our elders describe in their visions. I have a strong taste for beautiful, strong, young women.

Oh man....

Er...welcome....Connie Lingus the gifted wizard your enrolment has been confirmed.

Okay, I'll give it a go. Hopefully I don't get too confused and lost. I have no idea what I'm doing!
I'll be Birdie the Archer with her trusty hummingbird, venturing out of my oasis for the first time.

Image is from pixabay

Super Cool! welcome Birdie the Archer..I love the picture.

It's pretty simple to play, just need to watch what others do and it should just take a few minutes each night - once it begins in a few days. Your enrolment has been confirmed.

Didn't expect to see you here. Serra will take you under her wing! 😉

Thought I'd give it a shot while I wait for @lordnigel to find time for his story telling! 😁

@minismallholding Last IBT was my first time... and it's awesome. I was pretty nervous and anxious to take my turns and whatnot at first. It didn't take long to get into the flow. It truly isn't as complicated as it may feel once you get going (which won't take long!) I look forward to seeing how Birdie and her trusty hummingbird throw down! =)

Will you be entering this one too?

Oh yes! =) and If you need any help I will try my best to lend a hand. Don't hesitate to ask any questions.
Game ON!

Super! Thank you

Hello! I'd like to play! I'm going to play as an archer please!

Welcome mysterious archer chick

A random name and image has been provided. Your enrolment has been confirmed

I would like to enrol my epic warrior in tournament 6, please.

Let me introduce her... Winifred van Schneedle, a veteran of kicking arse and taking names. Miss van Schneedle to her friends, or dammit you won again, how can you still walk straight to her drinking buddies. Her hobbies include bounty-hunting, and knitting.

image source


:D :D :D

Yay!!! welcome Winfred van Schneedle the Warrior
Your enrolment has been confirmed.

I am enrolling as Medivh The Wizard. Let the war begin. :D

Sweeeet! now there's some power. Welcome Medivh the wizard.
Your enrolment has been confirmed.

I’d like to play as an archer!

Welcome Archer Bob the Archer your enrolment has been confirmed.

As you have not submitted a picture, a random one has been assigned.


The Archer and his milkmaid are ready to rumble!

Hahaha Noooo not his milkmaid - this is trouble.

Welcome The Archer the Archer your enrolment has been confirmed.

I am Kentaur the Deadly Archer looking to enroll for IBT 6.

Hello, welcome Kentaur the archer your enrolment has been confirmed.

I would like to play as a Wizard please?

I don't have a character yet, but I'm gonna pixel art something up for this bad boy.

  ·  last year (edited)

No worries..join/update when can.
Your enrolment has been confirmed

  ·  last year (edited)

I want to play, and id like to play as a wizard. Character name would be Arkalem Drakín. He is a Jack of all Trades but will register as a wizard this time.


Being a Jack of all trades helps when being a mercenery. - Arkalem Drakín.

Very cool - nice to have you with us Arkalem Drakin the wizard.
Your enrolment has been confirmed.

Serra Angel has been spending most of her time hunting demons that have escaped to earth. She can always spare some time to defeat this old debauched wizard again though. Her sword Oblivion and shield Aegis are readied!



Welcome back. Serra Angel is presumed to be a warrior (please correct me if this is wrong) and is officially enrolled in IBT6.

Yes, warrior. :)

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Here is the final list of entrants: