IBT Survival Island - Test Demo2 complete - Test Demo3 begins

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Thanks to everyone for the feedback from test demo2. There were allot of bugs and these are being collated and worked on (some squashed already). Reserved SMT tokens have been allocated, but If I've missed anyone please give me a yell.

I will take another look at the Discord channel setout this weekend - Life keeps getting in the way :)

Good news - Work has already started on test demo3. It's close to ready, but it takes a while to package these things up and we need to just make sure we have smacked some of the larger remaining bugs from demo2 - others can wait for a bit as we keep pushing through.

All the naughty players who jumped our red border fence in Demo2 will be happy to know that the "IBT Island Tutorial Map" has been extended and another tree type has been added.  Currently we are looking at adding wood amounts compared to the size of the trees. So a large tree will give 100 wood to where a small tree will only give 10 wood etc.  (This will apply to stone and other materials too.)

Again a  special thanks to everyone who helped debug our first real playable demo and some more exciting features will be added to the next trial demo. We are happy and honored to be part of a great community full of helpful and friendly people :)

Want to become a IBT Survival Island SMT game tester and get  reserved tokens? Simply join our community, all are welcome -  here  is   the invite link: https://discord.gg/Gr3kH9T  

 Enjoy and Steemon! 

The above image was created by our community member artist @ryivhnn - thanks muchly, we love our upgoats :) 


For an alpha demo the game play was surprisingly smooth. Tons of potential here, keep at it guys!

Thanks - plenty of work to go, but keep on chipping

Was a fun time playing demo 2. Anyone who is yet to join the Discord channel, it's well worth keeping track and also the place to be when demo 3 gets released, so you can get to play it yourself! 😎

Hey, that's great!
Is it a survival and love game?
I want to join, I will start reading everything about it.
Arrive here by the reSTEEM, of @lordnigel

No worries - all are welcome. It's just a survival game

Hey @mariita52 :)
nice to meet you again...
wondering if it will be possible in that game too... :D

Hello again.
I didn't see the notifications.
I have not entered the game.

The best way to get involved is to join the community discord channel, link: https://discord.gg/Gr3kH9T.

There will be a new demo released in the next coming days.


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Remind me at the next catch-up to walk through any issues testing. I'd really love to get your kids giving it a shot and providing in person feedback.

Awesome guys, keep it up!


Think smallest will be happy about the resource yields, he was getting a bit annoyed not realising he'd run out of wood and I think I told you how he grabbed everything in the area before commencing building after a while XD

Could just be that it's because I'm terribly slow at doing anything and everything but I think you're working at a pretty good pace given the size of your team so don't feel too bad about taking a while to do things.

Also I don't care how other impatient gits feel and think about things, I would rather something be done slowly and well than fast and half arse just to "get it out there" XD

With ya there - I know you have special insight with a number of years under the belt.
We really appreciate you and your families input

WOW this is huge... seeing the game just now...
Seems I missed the news...

The best way to get involved is to join the community discord channel, link: https://discord.gg/Gr3kH9T.

There will be a new demo released in the next coming days.

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