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RE: IBT Survival Island - Test Demo2 complete - Test Demo3 begins

in #ibt4 years ago

Think smallest will be happy about the resource yields, he was getting a bit annoyed not realising he'd run out of wood and I think I told you how he grabbed everything in the area before commencing building after a while XD

Could just be that it's because I'm terribly slow at doing anything and everything but I think you're working at a pretty good pace given the size of your team so don't feel too bad about taking a while to do things.

Also I don't care how other impatient gits feel and think about things, I would rather something be done slowly and well than fast and half arse just to "get it out there" XD


With ya there - I know you have special insight with a number of years under the belt.
We really appreciate you and your families input

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