Introduce a new Steemian (IANS) introducing @danniguise to the Steemit community!

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Hello to all of the lovely Steemians! In my last IANS post, I kind of promised I would do another post shortly after that one, but things came up and I didn't. So tonight, since for the first time in WEEKS, the kids are in bed at a reasonable time and I have a little more time to myself, I thought would be the perfect time to do so.

IANS Logo.jpg

The new Steemian I would like to introduce literally introduced himself only minutes before the time when I started this post. (got side-tracked)
I usually go down the list quite a bit to read, but this time just the cover photo got my attention.

His name is Daniel and he teaches guitar to kids at a social project in Brazil! How cool is that?
He never finished college because he joined a band! Well, isn't that just a dream? And he also plays on his own.

But please, read his introduction post, I think we may have a diamond in the rough...Just imagine what this man could do in Brazil once he gets the hang of Steemit and all it's different angles. I for one will keep a close eye on him.

Oh ya, and as always, the liquid Steem for this post will be transferred to his account after payout as a welcome gift and I upvote and resteem as well.

Here is his #introduceyourself post:

How to join this initiative?

Once a week (or so) I select a post with the #introduceyourself tag and make a post about their introduction. IANS (introduce a new Steemian) is a initiative by @gmuxx and since I loved the idea, I continued doing so. It is hard enough to start here on Steemit, so I hope it will help you to generate a few more followers and first payout.

If you want to join IANS, then do as I do and make sure to use the #ians tag. That's pretty much it.

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