Introduce a New Steemian - Payout Update

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This is the second week of my Introduce A New Steemian initiative, where I go through the NEW tab searching for introduceyourself posts in order to share them with my audience, in the hope that it gives a boost to the beginning of their Steem journey. I also upvote their post at 100% and resteem it. I remember well how difficult it was to get going on here when I arrived this past May.

In the spirit of openness I wanted to share screenshots of my wallet: in my posts I pledged to send the SBD payouts to those I featured.

Earlier this week I sent 13.571 SBD to @trtechtactical.


Today, my second introduced Steemian @zestwa received 3.426 SBD from the payout for my post introducing her.


Although the SBD payout is lower, the value it currently has makes this worth in the region of $20.

Remember, if you want to be involved in this initiative, share a new Steemian with your followers in a post and be sure to tag it with #ians. That way I will find your posts to upvote and to share in my weekly Introduce A New Steemian post.


What a great iniative! I have been actively seeking out newcomers lately as it is very hard to gain traction here unless you invest a fair amount!

Resteemed for my followers! Thanks

peeks in
A new comer has found you @hashclouds.

Cool! Following for more great stuff! :)

Much appreciated.

I hope this helps newcomers a little.

Good work, and I bet that feels nice for those new Steemians. I remember how hard it was back then. Heck, I'm still struggling to average $2 or so a post.

Thanks, I hope it helps them feel welcome.

Any little bit is a poke in the right direction.

Man even 10 sbd is a lot now, Thank you gmuxx for your work in the community, I started to get around in the discords and see you around the discords, Hopefully I will be able to talk to you some time

That initiative is brilliant. Upvoted and resteemed

Man... this is an incredible initiative. It took me about 5 days to find my feet here on Steemit... and I imagine most people wouldn't give it that long. An initiative like this really helps worldwide mass adoption.

Imagine a newcomer telling all their friends how they made money on their very first post... adoption will go through the roof. Great idea @gmuxx. I'm definitely going to get involved.

I wanted to ask Troy a question about prepping, and read the comments on this two blog posts... ah, they were concerning to say the least. No idea if any of it is true, or if it's a vindictive group, but I've never seen comments anything like it on Steemit until now.

Thank you. I will look forward to seeing your #ians posts.

I like this idea! I have upvoted and resteemed.

It is really a great initiative. Keep it up!

I’m very new to this platform, it’s awesome peole are looking out for newbies. 👀 Keep up the great work bro !

The tag we must include is #ians?

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