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RE: Introduce a New Steemian - Payout Update

in #ians3 years ago

Man... this is an incredible initiative. It took me about 5 days to find my feet here on Steemit... and I imagine most people wouldn't give it that long. An initiative like this really helps worldwide mass adoption.

Imagine a newcomer telling all their friends how they made money on their very first post... adoption will go through the roof. Great idea @gmuxx. I'm definitely going to get involved.


I wanted to ask Troy a question about prepping, and read the comments on this two blog posts... ah, they were concerning to say the least. No idea if any of it is true, or if it's a vindictive group, but I've never seen comments anything like it on Steemit until now.

Thank you. I will look forward to seeing your #ians posts.

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