Introducting abaz to steemit community

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Hello Steemians! today i bring to you these new steemian and i am greatful to @gmuxx for the initiation of these tag @ians to encourage new steemian so has to boost thier morale.

I present to you @abaz.
He from Akwa Ibom state, precisely Uyo local government area. Studying civil engineering at University of Uyo,Nigeria.
He love listening to more of don Williams and more of gospels music. He also try score the gospels songs and play a replica of the bass lines on my guitar.
He a football lover.

⚽ But seriously football is really a darling,it is one of the moments i get happiness from. Apart from football i also do a little of basketball, although I'm good at it I'll still go for football.


He a bass guitarist, he enjoys playing more of culture and contemporary 🎶 music. He do much of rehearsals and song scoring. That keeps him going. He derive so much joy when he play on stage. There are lot of amazing things about him that will capture your mind.
Here is his introductory post
He needs our encouraged and support.

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Welcome Akwa.

Thank you

Extend my warm welcome to this new steemian an I wish him luck. =)

Thank you @purepinay I will

Welcome to Steemit! Enjoy the ride as much as you can!

Thank you