Weekly Overview of the Visibility Category. Week 48, 2018

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Hello everyone! This is my first weekly report regarding the Visibility Category of Utopian, and it will be a mini weekly for two reasons. First of all it was a rather quiet week in terms of relevant contributions and secondly, I am doing my best in learning more about Utopian.

I wish to work hard together with the team in order to bring more Visibility for the Open Source Ecosystem!

Some of my friends might not be very familiar with Utopian, so please allow me a couple of minutes for a short Introduction!

What is Utopian?

Utopian is a Social Platform, aiming to empower professionals for contributing to the Open Source Movement.

As stated at the website, Open Source is free, common property and developed by volunteers around the world and available for everyone. Open Source Software often runs in our computer, phone or tablet and its development relies on collective intelligence. All this work is done by the developers for free! Utopian educates, motivates and rewards everyone who contributes to Open Source Projects, provided that certain guidelines are being met.

Click here to read more about Utopian!

What is the Visibility Category?

The Visibility Category aims to shed more light to the whitelisted Open Source Projects and to attract the general attention of end users around the world.

Contributions in the visibility category are (1) paid search engine and display ads placement; (2) paid social media ads; (3) posts to social media accounts with at least 10,000 unique followers.

You can click here and select Visibility to read the current guidelines (new ones are being worked upon as we speak). If you have a facebook page or are very active with a large follow on social media platforms, feel free to take a look and contact me about how you could contribute!

During the upcoming weeks, I will be sharing more posts with tips and information about how each one can help into bringing the open source closer to the end user!

Let us move on to last week's contributions

During the previous week there were 4 contributions in total. 3 of them were about promoting specific open source projects and 1 of them concerned a task request.

AuthorPostReviewed ByScore
@jingis07Promoting Kodi Part 3@katerinaramm61.5
@jingis07Promoting Strapi Part 2@katerinaramm58.5
@mugitubiPromoting Koditv@katerinaramm36.5
Task Request-----------
@prospektorGet more instagram followers@techslut61.5
--------Average Score for Week 4854.5

General Remarks for above Contributions

  • The contributions concerned projects included in the Visibility Whitelist
  • The specifications of the minimum 10.000 reach or at least 1.5% CTR were met
  • Little or No Research was conducted regarding the Projects per se, their most important, distinctive, unique features
  • In cases where statistics were mentioned, no sources were provided
  • In two of the contributions, the demographics were not mentioned
  • The ads' appearance could be further improved
  • The presentations can be further improved
  • There were no goals mentioned or any communication with the Project Owners
  • There were contributions that apparently were part of a series, but no information on prior ads was provided, or links, or comparisons

This is it for now!
Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post, stay tuned for more and please do feel free to share your thoughts, observations, questions on the above!

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Hello @katerinaramm,

Let me tell you that I appreciate your effort in putting this overview together. The category has been stagnating for a long time. I can feel the enthusiasm from your post, and that makes me believe we can look forward to the upcoming days.

Since you took over the category, it was thoughtful of you to bring more general information about Utopian and the Visibility/Social category. I believe that you learned a lot in a short time and your beginning with writing reviews and overseeing the submissions was splendid.

There are a few things I believe can be included in your future weekly summaries.

  • Although the week numbering resembles the normal week numbers, remember that Utopian review weeks last from Thursday to Thursday. Summaries are shared during the Friday weekly. Thus they cover events and submissions in between two weeklies. On the other hand, you disclaimed at the beginning that the overview may be shorter.
  • Following the point above, I'd like to suggest you include date range your overview covers.
  • When there are more contributions from different people, considering adding some charts instead of or in addition to the table.

I hope that the current and future contributors see your last section with the highlights of points that were missing in some of the evaluated contributions.

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Thank you for your review, @espoem! Keep up the good work!

Πρέπει να σου κόψουν μισθό δε γίνετε.... :)

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