Who am I?

in #iamthearctan4 years ago

Many of you may wonder, who is that guy on Minnowbooster who keeps asking for delegation??


Basically, I am an investor in Steemit, i don't like posting but I want to make money from Steemit, so I sell private up votes. I'm like a manual bot, my mates pay me and I upvote them, simple!

I used to just hold Steem, but realised I'm missing out on sweet earning potential! I rented SP with all my Steem which was super profitable until SBD fell, then I was operating in the red. If SBD can return to its glory days that'd be nice :)


Followed you.. I am not a good writer or content creator, here on steem for making money as well, together with some social networking & knowing new stuff, like knowing difference between eos & eth today..

Anyways, we can both mutually benefit..

What are your service charges?

@ivrmakers, did you somehow receive a reply? I'm also interested.

no communication yet

Hi! I made a post here with details!

great idea my friend @arctan. I Would try you idea to send you SBD

Just like ivrmakers I'm interested in your services. Can I somehow contact you and receive more information about how it precisely works? And what you charge for your services?

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