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RE: How does it feel to be a minnow? || Steemit Multi-account abuse and Self-Jerking explained.

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It’s a hard life out there for a minnow. If a minnow wanted to invest that much time each day to upvote and post with all those accounts, then more power to them. One error I noticed in your calculation is that you carried one too many 0’s. 1000 accounts with votes equal to 3 cents a day is only $30, not $300. Am I missing something here?


Thanks for pointing out the mistake in calculation, updated that. Well the point over here I want to show is not the money, but the content on the platform that is being just shit. If you open new or hot tag most of them are just either shit memes or videos or any other kind of plag things. While any minnow who produce orginal content his/her post are being lost in this group.

So yea as you said hard life out there for a minnow.

I here ya. You really need the backing of a whale on this platform to have a shot at making any sort of substantial income. Best alternative is join a group of like minded people and help each other out. It will take time though, but best option. No easy answers right now. Hopefully hardfork 20 will bring some solutions

For good or worst?
All HF are different, the last one was good.
This one no more whales!