What is Hydroponic System? How does it work?

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Hydroponic is a sophisticated farming system. In the case of highly beneficial crops, in this hydrostatic system, crops are produced by supplying nutrients in the water instead of soil.

In populated countries where there is little or no natural cultivation land, there is a possibility of producing vegetables and fruits in the roof or in the courtyard, poly tunnels, hydroponics in the net house. Vegetables and fruits are being produced commercially in Hydroponic culture in developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia etc. This method is possible to produce vegetables and fruits throughout the year and due to the fact that no pesticides are produced in the production of vegetables and fruits, these vegetables and fruits are safer and more market value is available. Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute In the Hydroponic system, it is possible to successfully produce kapakikam, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, ripen, cauliflower, cabbage, and strawberry by providing essential essential nutrients of the tree in water without stabilizing large stainless steel or plastic trays. Generally, cultivation can be done in 2 way Hydroponics method.


In this method, the essential food components of the tree are mixed in a sufficiently tiny amount of tissue, and the crop is produced by conducting Nutrient Solution in the tray through the pump pipe. It needs to be run at least 7 to 8 hours per pump with the help of this transmission. In this way primarily the first year of trays, pumps and pipes, the cost of fertilization is slightly higher, but only after the next year the cost of chemical food ingredients is required. As a result, the cost will be reduced considerably in the second year.

Unstoppable Procedure:

In this method a crop is cultivated directly by supplying the necessary food components of the tree in a tray. In this method, no pump or water is required to supply food components. In this case, the mixture of mixing solution should be kept between two and three inches in the center of the mixed mixture and the casket on it, and 4-5 small holes on the casket should be kept so that the air can move easily and the trees collect from the empty space of its oxygen casket, can do.

Different types of crop seed age and PH standards: Hydroponic methods vary in the age of planting and pH levels. In the table below, 2 is mentioned: The name of the crop is suitable for the age of pH PH standard tomatoes in 3-4 weeks (2-3 leaf condition) 5.5-6.5 Leaves 2-3 weeks 6.0-6.5 Capsicum / pepper 4-5 weeks 6.0-6.5 Strawberry 2-3 weeks (stolon cutting) 5.5-6.5 Cucumber / Khaira 2-3 weeks 5.8-6.0 Barrier copy / Cauliflower If the PH level higher than desired levels of 6.5-7.5 -5 weeks, then adding hydrochloric acid or nitric acid to reduce the PH habeabara If you matrakame PH soluble sodium or potassium haidroksaida haidroksaida must be added.

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