How to get an IP address in Hungary?

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Hungary is the land of the 56' revolution and is known to be a horse-riding people with a splendid Goulash soup and some fat goose liver on the menu.  The Magyars (Hungarians) is a friendly people, and if you want to spend some time virtually in Hungary, then find out how to get a Hungarian IP address here.

The Hungarian flag - Source: Pixabay

The Hungarian Parliament is known to be one of the most beautiful parliament buildings in the world. The building is one of the many impressive buildings being part of the panorama. If you are in love with the city of Budapest, or maybe just the nation, or maybe the horribly hard to learn Hungarian language, then an IP in Hungary might help you to watch some more programs about the nation of Hungary, about the city of Budapest and it will give you plenty of chances to hear the Hungarian language.

Why do people need a Hungarian IP address?

There are not too many reasons why people need an IP address in Hungary, but the most common reason is to watch TV programs and shows. In general, most Hungarian TV channels have online streams available to people in all of the world, but during special events, they often use geographical blocks making the program unavailable to people outside Hungary. Some of the channels using geo-blocks are RTL Klub (with their RTL Most) and typically M1 and M2 during events such as summer Olympics, soccer matches et cetera (often shown at It should also be mentioned that in recent time, the Hungarian Sports channel M4 has become a very good one. This is mostly because of the Prime Ministers love for sports, and as a result, the Hungarian people can watch lots of sports for free that people in other nations have to pay for. This is shown, for example, by the way, the Hungarians can watch the Champions League football online, and the same is true about Premier League football and so on (with their normal cable network subscriptions). In other words, this is a great nation if you want to watch football, and M4 is the main channel for that.

It should be mentioned that you cannot watch Premier League football on M4, but instead, another channel named Tv2 and their channel Spiler TV shows the Premier League football. It isn't possible to watch Spiler TV online, so if you look for a way to watch Premier League online, you better read the following article instead to find out how it can be done.

How to get a Hungarian IP address

To get hold of a Hungarian IP address you can find some friend in Hungary who has a computer which he can set up as a VPN server, to which you can connect and once connected, you will have an IP in Hungary. In most cases, people do not have friends in Hungary, and then you will have to use one of the public VPN services instead. Unfortunately most of those do not have servers in Hungary, but my favorite VPN service which is called PureVPN (read my review) do have a server in Hungary, meaning that if you sign up for their VPN service you can find yourself residing virtually in Hungary in a few minutes from now. Here is what you need to do to get going.

Hungarian IP in five steps

  1. Visit their website and make a subscription
  2. Download their client and install it
  3. Connect to the PureVPN server in Hungary
  4. Restart Internet Exploder (or whatever you are using)
  5. You are now surfing with a Hungarian IP address

The picture above simply shows how you select the VPN server in Hungary offered by PureVPN. Connect to the server and you will be able to surf the Internet with a Hungarian IP address.

What else to do with PureVPN

As you have a PureVPN subscription, make sure to use it for all it is worth. With you subscription, you can for example, get access to American Netflix as well. You do not need an extra Netflix subscription for this to work. All you have to do is to open the PureVPN application, choose streaming mode, select channel, and pick Netflix US. Once you are connected, you can watch American Netflix with your PureVPN application.
br> You can in the same way watch BBC in England, ZDF in Germany, and Rai in Italy, and lots of other channels with PureVPN. It is also cool to know that you can use PureVPN at 5 devices at the same time, and to keep you safe, they let you surf with a 256-bit AES encryption. If that isn't enough, you have a 31-day full refund policy to make sure that you are safe and that you can get your money back if you aren't satisfied with the product.

More to know about Hungary

Even though you now know how you can virtually reside in Hungary, do not forget to actually visit the nation as well. Even though the politics are terrible, and we cannot know for how long Hungary will remain a member of the EU, the city of Budapest is still a magnificent city with some amazing attractions. Did you know that the view from the Margaret Bridge is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, meaning that what you look at from the bridge is protected? As you stand there, you can enjoy the view of the amazing castle district in Budapest, the Gellert hill in the background, the fantastic Chain Bridge, with the Elisabeth Bridge behind it, and then as you look to the left, you will see the Hungarian Parliament, inspired by the British Parliament, only much nicer!

And if you have more time, there are lots of fantastic places in Hungary worth visiting besides Budapest, for example, Lake Balaton. This is the ideal place if you want to swim and enjoy a silk-water (it is so nice), and if you want to use a bicycle, it is appx. 200 km to take the trip around it all... doesn't that sound nice? As you understand, you better come to Hungary even if you have learned in this article how you can virtually stay in Hungary by acquiring a Hungarian IP address.

Enjoy your visit to Budapest - Source: Pixabay

Good luck and have a wonderful day. Enjoy surfing the Internet with a Hungarian IP address.

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