Adjusting the shower-----a comment about life.

in #humour2 years ago

I've just had the most glorious shower. ...well eventually.
It took a few minutes to get the temperature of the water just right, but so worth it in the end.

At first the water was far too hot - (when will my husband adjust the geyser temperature?)
I digress.... I had to stand well back from the initial scalding flow as I fiddled with the cold water tap. the one on the right.........right? When the flow seemed to get hotter I tried the other tap in a bit of a panic.
Of course it is the one on the right and when I waited patiently, the water adjusted itself perfectly. My back was frozen however against the icy tiles, in my escape from the boiling water, but it was sheer heaven allowing the eventually adjusted flow to cascade over me warming me right to the core of my being.
Then of course, once I was squeaky clean and thoroughly relaxed under the steady stream someone else in the house turned on a tap full force and my dream was over.

I stepped out from the steamy cubicle into the startlingly cold air of the bathroom and readjusted...... to the busyness of drying carefully, and dragging on cool pyjamas, my body still slightly damp.

A lot like life really.
My life is glorious but it has taken me all these years and years to adjust to my husband my children my career my home my cats and dogs.....oh the list is endless.
Just when the children, who completely destroyed the honeymoon couple of years, got to a manageable age....out of nappies.... high school .....graduation.....and whoops they had left home. THAT was a blast of cold water and I spent a year or so trying to find the hot tap and then the task of getting the water to a pleasant temperature....I don't think I've got it right yet and they're both over 40 years old!
The blissful moments when the shower was perfect were actually fleeting, but now that I'm done with the idea that I'm middle aged and have fully embraced being old, I have settled into that glorious warm comforting flow of water AND there is no one else in the house left to turn on that wretched tap!


O I enjoyed reading this - I was just feeling sorry for myself this morning because I am getting old. Following and looking forward to more of your writing

I have bad days too Anneke but mostly I'm just glad to have another day to enjoy.
Thanks for your encouragement.

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Thank you! I'm a newbie on this exciting journey and have lots to learn and you have encouraged me.

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