A question of the creation of true Evil, from a mechanics perspective.steemCreated with Sketch.

in humor •  4 months ago 

I have no idea where this meme originated; but the truth it contains will be appreciated by all mechanics.


If anyone knows where this came from, please tell me. I would love to find more of these! :)

I like his sense of humor.


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Lol I have had a few fight's with those over the years :)

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I usually change them out as fast as I can, LOL! They are terrible garbage, and I think this meme is correct.

They always put them in impossible places too....


Yes they do put them in horrible places. It's done for quick manufacturing and then we suffer later.

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Low quality for fast assembly, that is bad advertisement.


Yep but they don't advertise do they.

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Word of mouth is they paid or not! A few small changes, and a god advertising man would raise quality and more importantly, sales! Selling obvious quality, is a smart avenue to take, and an easy sale to make!


Most people would never know these clips are used on there car's.

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That is what a good advertising man is for....

But I hate these excuse for clamps, for sure!


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Maybe tough for a 'mechanic', but not for a technician like me😉

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They leak sometimes, so I just remove them and replace them with real clamps. Problem solved, LOL!

I just use a channel lock type pliers, and they come right off. They are just an excuse for a clamp anyway....