I used to be so happy... then I discovered Bitcoin !

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I almost regret learning about Bitcoin.

I was a happy and carefree old man...

Now, for a measley few thousand in funny munny, I am a slave of my computer.

I wake up, and I run to see what did Bitcoin do last night ?

If Bitcoin went UP, my whole portfolio of funny munny is UP... my mood is happy...

I was a happy man, in December 2017.

But then came January, 2018 !!! Oh, no ! Crash !!!

Now, I'm a nervous wreck !

Oh, shit ! Bitcoin crashed ! (The rest of my holding in crypto went down too !)

Wait ! Bitcoin is UP ! (The rest of my holding is UP too! My day is made!)

Has this happened to anybody else ? What's it called? Bitcoin fever?

But I hardly own any Bitcoin at all ! I own a whole .04 Bitcoin!!!

I own Ethereum, and EOS... and Stellar... and Auger...

Oh, no !!! I can't believe it. Auger went DOWN this morning, so I cashed out on all my Auger !

And now, Auger is UP !

I can't sleep anymore...

I blame myself when I am wrong, and it seems like I am wrong all the time.

I used to be so happy... Then I discovered Bitcoin !!!

Is this Bitcoin Fever ?


LOL I bet you are not on your own!
I was trading during the .com bubble, I would come home from work and turn on the TV and activate telex to see my shares......
This is not trading its gambling, a disease/addiction (I noticed this back then) Good luck :-) PS when BTC hits a million you can get a nice car for 40K MAYBE

Wow ! I'm glad I never discovered the stock market. I notice I am not getting more important things done... like writing a book, or putting a YouTube channel (as I want to do... but I haven't...)

Stay in touch !

Ive followed you, I suggest making an avatar for your channel and not checking bitcoin lol

Haha so funny, exactly how i feel when I played with my referral bonus from coinsph of 85php. Just few cents in USD but makes me want to check the market value of BTC every now and then...

Yes, it is funny, but it ain't really so funny... I truly spend HOURS looking up the price, and the trend, and the volume, of this coin and that coin...

I try to figure out which coin is going to be the next one to double, and I am usually WRONG !!! (Ha! Ha! I have to laugh at myself.)

Thanks for your comments. So sorry you have fever too.

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste :D greetings

I feel ya same here!!!

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