Who Wants To Be A Down Voter #2 (12.01.16)

in #humor6 years ago

The usual crowd was mostly pushed out of the top five down vote spots for yesterday. Once again you each get a meme in your honor.


@steemcleaners - The self proclaimed cleaner of steem come in at the bottom of the list with 12 flags


@makdac - fairly decent photographer, seems to have gotten into some sort of flag war with 14 flags???



@nc-mgtow - dished out 19 flags and went on a super posting spree, that have been flagged themselves. Seems someone needs an education on the guidelines.


@yanik - Classic investor gone sour over loss of capital. I'm seeing a lot of flagged posts in their feed... maybe flagging causes flagging? They dished out 23 flags.


@adm - The most powerful downvoter of the bunch and today's champ with 46 flags. If adm even thinks of flagging you, your account value goes down.


You're providing a valuable and entertaining service with these lists of the top downvoters.

The last one is the funniest!

please tell me how to grow abs to keep the mexicans out. i am so so so working on that and i dont know if i am succeeding. please check out my recent posts, so you will understand. too, how do you add you facebook twitter accts etc to your profile?

Somebody has to do my dirty work ;)

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Who Wants To Be A Down Voter #2 (12.01.16) — Steemit

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