Climate Change Could Zap the Clouds and Bake the Earth

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Climate Change Could Zap the Clouds and Bake the Earth: A new study suggests that many of the world's clouds could disappear if the carbon dioxide we are pumping into our atmosphere soars to extreme levels, which would bake the earth with a spike in global temperatures by as much as 14 degrees. Meanwhile, a Trump administration spokesperson countered that even if we did end up “baking” the earth, it’s still gonna be way healthier than frying it.
Baking the Earth.jpg
Astronomers Believe They’ve Found Our Sun’s Sister Star: University of Texas astronomers report that a star has been found which may be a sister of our Sun, born in the same cloud of gas and dust in our Milky Way galaxy. Of course, the only way we can know for sure - is to have them both face-off on the Maurey Povich Show.
Sister Star.jpg
Research Blames YouTube for Rise in Flat Earth Believers: In a study conducted by Professor Asheley Landrum at Texas Tech University, all but one of 30 Flat Earthers she interviewed said they never considered the Earth to be flat until watching videos promoting the idea on YouTube. Personally, I don’t blame YouTube for creating these flat earthers. I blame their flat heads.
Flat Earth.png


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It’s sad we’re not payin attention this will cause a lot of misery when SHTF. People are So pitiful and don’t learn anything from history or past events.

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