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So what do you think guys? A little role reversal at play. Men making the coffee for their wives. That is Hebrew at its best. Or is it Greek to most of the men out there. I can not say the joke was freshly brewed but I tried not for it to be a perk you later moment. I hope it still had some aroma for you to savor. But don't throw the left over away. Let others have a cup of Joe or should I say a cup from Joe or Ed or Erik and Bill and.... Oh and when you serve it men, ad a smile or little sugar to make her coffee sweeter. Until the next post er pot is make. BTW Save a cup for me!

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Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment, upVote or resteem. mmmmmm. Troy

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Should read "Hebrews."

Funny, nonetheless... :D



Thank you my friend hope you're doing well @creatr

Actually maybe it is really the reverse. The women making coffee for their men but who am I to argue with the bible


This was a sweet post Troy, you made my day, very clever HA HA❣️😊