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RE: Funny TV News: A Comedy Deconstruction of TV News in America

in #humor4 years ago

An unexpected result of nothing happening in Washington is that apparently for one day comedians around the country forgot their obsession with Trump and started doing comedy again. Let’s hope that trend continues.

This line alone is the absolute truism of Political News today!

Hey Pomp! You gotta tag this #comedyopenmic, get this on the radar of all the folks who enjoy comedy!


LOLz, That was my favorite line. I miss the good old days that comedians, focused on being funny and not whatever political aspiration is hot in the moment.

Like now most of the time when I see a standup special, I have to wade through 60 mins of political posturing just to get 5 mins of actual comedy. Thankfully there are a few exceptions still, sadly they don't seem to get the "big breaks," Chappelle may be one of the rare exceptions. Thanks again @davidpompeii for this nice bit of satire.

Thank you for taking the time to comment. What a cool think to say.

DJ, I took your suggestion. Thanks

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