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in #humor3 years ago

Hidden under rocks you'll find two things... secrets and bugs. Put those two on a sandwich and call it a meal, but I won't be showing up for eats.

180 dollars for a small deal traffic ticket? That's Highway robbery!

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.. so I realized something... If we all slept on circular beds, (with no sides!) then we just wouldn't have a problem now, would we? =).

I was walking around the house today and thought I saw the number i. Maybe I was just imagining things?

I don't care much for capital punishment, but lowercase is usually fine with me.. Run and tell that, Home Boy!


Have you done the byteball airdrop for steemians btw? :)

No I hadn't heard of it. That's a steemit sub-token?

Its a different coin that airdrops on certain communities, they are having one for Steem recently!

Hey thanks for the witness proxy! :)