Slice of a Human: @melbookermusic

This series titled 'Slice of a Human' highlights the significant quotes from those featured on @humansofsteemit. Here we have @melbookermusic and here is his full interview.


What is something that you just recently realized that you are embarrassed you didn’t realize earlier?

I remember the first time a young man called me “OG” (that’s slang for “Sir” now). At first I was like “Wait, that kid just called me OG.” Then I was like, Wait, I’m old now?” :-) How did that happen? So, I have to get used to OG LOL, but that does not entail, slowing down at all. I will be “in motion” until my dying day.

Made by @normalbro


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I wanna have a slice of this!

I am 36 but I don't look old, hardly any grey hairs, I'm not bald and I don't wear old people's clothes but these days almost anyone - except people I know - calls me 'Sir'. I guess I've become an OG too.

P.S. I just looked up its meaning and it stands for Original Gangster or Old Git. I know I'm not a gangster and I'm not sure about the word git either. I guess 'Sir' will do for now.

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