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Discussion: How to make steemit "external content driven"

in humancuration •  10 months ago

Steemit is externally content driven already, to some extent, I love MAGA, was looking at your website, or the welcome page. But of course, we want to accelerate that expansion in how content is driven.

First, we may want people to post external things on Steemit, more and more, things that may not be just Steemit related. And people tend to do that more as Steemit grows.

Second, I would love to have Steemit posts shared automatically to Twitter and Facebook like does already. I post on Gab each day and it automatically posts it on Twitter and then from Twitter to Facebook. I like things like that.

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That's helpful. Things have changed so rapidly that I'm not aware of 90% of what is now out there or what others are doing. (I don't have a smartphone and have never posted on Twitter and only briefly experimented with Facebook.) That's why it is so critically important for me to attract other people to my cause. The software that I've written is extremely powerful, but the price I paid for spending 26 years focused on developing it is that I'm now like Rip van Winkle, awakening from a long nap, to see that the world has changed.