Discussion: How to make steemit "external content driven"

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Two years ago, @spookypooky posted, "I can see it coming to a state of being 'external content driven' rather than steemit centric in the coming months. Once the steemit price and growth is less volatile, we'll reach calmer waters where minnows and dolphins take over the role of whales in guiding the ship."

IMO, making steemit "external content driven" is the key to bringing users to STEEM, users who are motivated by their need for a good discussion platform rather than the current population who is just here to collect pennies by posting shitposts.

I can find no discussion on the topic of how to attract such users or make steemit external content driven. @spookypooky apparently gave up waiting a year ago. Does anyone have any thoughts about whether this is desirable and, if so, how to do it?

I am developing my web site, IDEAFARM.COM, to be a good, totally uncensored, totally human curated, "free speech zone". It is going to have better presentation capabilities for authors, including detailed traffic history reports for each page. But I don't envision it ever supporting discussions, and I would like it to somehow use STEEM to integrate publishing, discussion, human curation, and cryptocurrency micropayments for authors and for curators.

Is anyone here interested in discussing or exploring how this can be done using STEEM's API?

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Create a frontend of your own for the Steem Blockchain that only pulls posts using the first tag ‘ideafarm’ and have your posting interface put the ‘ideafarm’ as the first tag. This is how Zappl achieved its goal. Micro payments etc can be implemented with your own SMT when they become available.

It’ll be a lot of work, but if you really want to get it done then go for it.


Thanks. I want IDEAFARM.COM to complement STEEM and its portals so that content is posted on IDEAFARM.COM but discussed on the STEEM blockchain. IDEAFARM.COM would focus on 100% human curation, initially in the form of old fashioned human editors, on "knowledge tree" presentation, on robustness against DDOS attack, and on verifiable, auditable zero censorship. The root page of each knowledge tree post would be mirrored to STEEM, where all discussion would occur. IDEAFARM.COM would bring new users to STEEM by directing them to STEEM for discussions and by allowing (perhaps requiring) payments to be made in SBD or STEEM.

Hopefully, TPTB for STEEM will come to see the light and restore human curation by eliminating bots, so that minnow votes direct a detectable amount of STEEM to authors and curators, and STEEM returns to merit-based (proof of brain) human curation and STEEM distribution.

Until they see the light, IDEAFARM.COM will tell its users to ignore all of the drama nonsense here and just use it as a discussion platform until either a better alternative comes along or STEEM is returned to its original vision and purpose.

Steemit is externally content driven already, to some extent, I love MAGA, was looking at your website, or the welcome page. But of course, we want to accelerate that expansion in how content is driven.

First, we may want people to post external things on Steemit, more and more, things that may not be just Steemit related. And people tend to do that more as Steemit grows.

Second, I would love to have Steemit posts shared automatically to Twitter and Facebook like http://Gab.ai does already. I post on Gab each day and it automatically posts it on Twitter and then from Twitter to Facebook. I like things like that.


That's helpful. Things have changed so rapidly that I'm not aware of 90% of what is now out there or what others are doing. (I don't have a smartphone and have never posted on Twitter and only briefly experimented with Facebook.) That's why it is so critically important for me to attract other people to my cause. The software that I've written is extremely powerful, but the price I paid for spending 26 years focused on developing it is that I'm now like Rip van Winkle, awakening from a long nap, to see that the world has changed.