LAST EVER DAY to enter into How To: WEEKLY - sadly we are stopping due to low interest.

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LAST DAY to enter into our How To: Weekly contest.

We started How To: WEEKLY after I was having tons of fun creating my own How To's for art that I was sharing with the Steemit community. I thought, so many others must have talents or skills they'd love to share with the community, so we created this page. We also wanted to make sure these were awarded as much as possible because I know how precious our knowledge is. From this we created a curation trail we hoped others would join, this curation trail upvoted each and every qualified entry. This got triggered by the H2W page upvoting, resteeming and following each entrant, then our other pages would also upvote and trigger pushbot. We also created an upvote bot called @pushbot to also award the content. But that was not the end of the rewards, we wanted everyone to win, so we awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd and runner ups to all qualified entries.

100% of the SBD that got paid out for each week during the submission week would become the prize. We started off by topping up the prize pool hoping the contestants and readers alike would upvote to increase the prize pool for everyone but sadly, out of the 300 followers, no more than 10 would upvote and just a handful of contestants did. We used upvote pages like smartsteem but that was not how we wanted to do things.

We thought of another way to gain interest was to create a website to showcase the amazing entries. but after announcing it and realising no one really cared except maybe 1 person, we decided the time and energy should be spent elsewhere and to now close the contest. It's a lot of work and sadly we realise this is going nowhere fast. Time to stop!

Thank you so much to every single contestant and the readers, we hope you enjoyed the contest while it was running.

After tomorrows payout, Next Sunday will be the last winners payout.

Adam @aoart & Roscoe @roscoeh

WIN SBD sharing your knowledge or how to tutorials!

So far 6 really interesting tutorials this week!

These will be judged and awarded next Sunday after the last SBD payout from this post takes place. 3 posts were made by us during the week and 100% of the SBD payout from all 3 will be awarded. See breakdown below. If we receive anymore entries this evening we will add them to this list.

100% of the SBD payout from our posts during the week of the entries is the prize pool. So if you would like to support our participants and increase the prize pool, please Upvote and Resteem to help spread the word and keep this contest going as long as possible. We really think this educational contest is a valuable resource for everyone. See below for more details.

How To: WEEKLY - 27th May - 2nd June topic is : OPEN

Share your knowledge in our ‘How To’ tutorial contest for this week.

Deadline for entry is midnight Australian time: 23:59 AEST (UTC+10) each Saturday.

Qualified entries so far this week:

Prize pool - EVERY qualified entry WINS + gets upvoted in our curation trail.

We have changed the prize pool to make this contest more sustainable and keep it going.
The prize pool is 100% of the SBD rewards for this post and any post during the current contest period.

It will be split as follows:

  • 1st place: 50% SBD
  • 2nd place: 25% SBD
  • 3rd place: 15% SBD
  • Runner Ups: Split share of 10% SBD

Posts so far included in this weeks prize pool:

  • this current post, plus -

We will have a min of 3 posts during the week of the contest to inform you and help build the prize pool. The SBD from all posts during the week will add up and create the prize pool. For example: If all 3 posts have a reward payout of 10 SBD each, this means 30 SBD will be split as outlined above.

Prizes will now be awarded each week. For example, if there is only 1 qualified entry that person will win the entire prize pool. If there are 3, then the first, second and third will be awarded and the runner up amount split between them as well. If there are 4, the runner up will get the full 10% and so on.

The prize for each week is awarded 7 days after that week closes.

Each qualifying entry is upvoted by our curation trail, resteemed, followed and also upvoted by @pushbot courtesy of us! Link is in the header if you would like to join our curation trail.

If you are knowledgeable in more than one area, you may submit one entry, per topic each week.

Tag #howtoweekly and follow the guidelines for entry on our original post to be in the running. Please note the prize pool has changed but the rest is still the same. See above for prize pool.

Keep following @howtoweekly for the topics and winner announcements each week.

How To: Weekly is created, sponsored and judged by @aoart and @roscoeh.

Good luck and happy creating your ‘How To’ posts!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below.


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I really loved the idea of howtoweekly. This is pretty sad news to hear. I definitely think that you guys spread a lot of positivity with this.

Thank you so much.

Thanks for keeping up with it while you did. Ya’all did a great job. Til next time....

Thank you! Y'all did a fantastic job too!

Thanks for making the howtoweekly page happen. I know it would have been a lot of work. All the best in the future projects !

Aw thats sad. But fully understandable. I just found your blog and i think others would love this idea as much as i did. Its hard to find the time for me to enter by a deadline each week. But i will still put out my DIY posts when i can. Im not sure if i got into your contest because the dates etc. But thank u for showing me a few new friends to follow 🧡

It was an ongoing weekly contest, you were free to enter at any time you wished.

I remember i participated in one of your howtoweekly in April but nothing to show for it.

Not all entries were qualified.

Oh, it's so sad to know it. I wanted to share a how to post but I've been without Internet for almost a month :( Congratulations to you because this amazing idea meant a lot of effort and is not easy to make it happen week by week.

I still hope that despite the ending of the contest you can keep supporting and sharing the DIY of this community :)

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