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Finally, just the life hack I was looking for!

Let's face it, selfies can be hard to take, especially good ones. While tired or bloodshot eyes can be hid easily enough with sunglasses and misshaped ears can be hid with hair or hats, teeth can be tougher. Did you ever notice the lack of a smile on the @papa-pepper proof selfies at the end of most of my posts?


Yeah, getting a good smile for a selfie can be so difficult, some steemians may not even try. If you don't try, you can't fail, right?

Well, now that I am running a selfie contest, I thought that it would be good to finally unleash some ancient knowledge commonly used within certain circles of the elite. I have been hesitant to reveal that I have known about this secret for many years now, especially on the blockchain, but I couldn't hold back any longer. The people need to be liberated and provided with the information that they need to succeed.


The first thing that you will need to unleash this power is your resources. The list is short, but the key components are crucial.


  • One piece of white paper
  • Dark writing utensil

If your paper is a full sheet, you will need to fold it in half.

On one end of the paper, fold it over about an inch.

Tear the paper off, leaving a one inch wide section.

With your dark writing utensil, draw a line down the middle of the paper.

Draw a series of lines perpendicular to the original line, spaced relatively evenly apart.

By opening your mouth and placing the paper firmly between your actual teeth and the inside of your lips, you should be able to get the desired result. Some centering may be needed.


Using this method is somewhat time-sensitive. Once you have the paper in place, get to taking those selfies and enjoy achieving perfection!


As always, with great power comes great responsibility. Use this information wisely folks and enjoy your perfect selfie smiles!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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great dental selfi hahahahah




do not understand what it is lol.

hahahaha ,,,, just to have fun buddy ,,,,

I think I got lost in the translationmonk.jpg

yeap... i thik so too

brilliant who, with his ideas, moves the heads of others ;)

Best Life hack EVER!!!

Thank you!

Looks like you are ready for one of the upcoming rounds!

Selfie training camp!

Still need to be anonymous.

Hello @papa-pepper you good posting infomation thak you for you ,you please vote me and follow @bilqis07 please

Just when I thought I've seen it all....(drums...) @papa-pepper presents the post of the month lol

Thanks! Might be an upcoming round... FYI!

Bring it lol what about the glitter integration ...???

This is my best attempt to have a perfect smile @papa-pepper, to let you know that this technique besides being the perfect hack gives you vitamins and minerals after you eat the paper ...


Your friend
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Cleaning day with my perfect smile!

Ty for the secret @papa-pepper

jajajjajaja lol i love u, whit smile or anger :P

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jajajaja ty @michelcamacaro me too love u.

la foto.JPG
The perfect smile!!! XD


For the kids you can also black out the front one or two teeth if it helps the story.
Like, how I fell out of the tree, or how I got too close to the rear of the horse.

Oh My Gosh! This made my night. I really needed a good laugh but what can you recommend for a double chin? I think that bunny might work for me.

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This was the laugh I NEEDED right now! Thank You!

I'll give it a try.
..and I'll be waiting for the post with the fangs version for the season. 👻👻👻

You are just too funny. You have too much fun ofr one guy! LOL!

Lmao. You gotta make the infomercial version.

lol this made me chuckle XD

OK that is hilarious and touching all at once. Mr Selfie-King has a hang up about physical imperfection? How very human of you! I am doing your challenge as a literal challenge to myself. I have yet to take one I like, but I don't have to like it, it just has to be up in time.

Awesome post. You have the best kind of humor!

Why did I never think of that?

You just had to use that awesome movie quote.👍👍👍

Should focus on what we want to do Your teeth are very neat. I really like. that's real ... ???

To think, I was thinking about buying one of those expensive teeth whitening kits.... lol
Thanks for the laugh!

I'm pretty sure that's a scam.

This is hilarious 😂😂 thank you for this.

Those are a nice set of teeth you got there...

Let me go to my manicure :D

Oh my land that was made me laugh so hard I almost spat water all over my keyboard. :D I love that idea, its practical and arts&crafty. :D

Hygienic crafts!

Exactly, LOL. :D

Omg, youre hilarious!!!!

Thanks! Now you can be too!

lol, this was epic papa pepper totally going to have to try this out next time.

Give it a try, or sneak one in while a group photo is being taken! You'll stick out once people see the photo!

Love your smile but hate that snake @papa-pepper lol

Wooo...u are really gud with animals...nice post and so amazing to see you in action

Loved this...maybe a little too much. LOL

This is hilarious dude! :''D haha

Good photo, I like it funny

Hilarious, I think you make money if you sign up with

Let me know how to do that, and I'll cut you in!

Brilliant. What will this man think of next? A snake with perfect selfie fangs popping a balloon mouse?

Oh man, you just passed brilliant and went straight up to #genius!

Just what I needed, a good chuckle lol!
Had the whole family crackin up over here

Glad to hear it!


At first I thought it was a serious post but now I'm dying of laughter

I thought it was a serious post too, but after your comment, I'm wondering,

Now you have my laughing!! It is a good start early in the morning on a Saturday, before I get bussy!! Great smile!!
Enjoy your day!!

I am glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks @rynow!

😂😂😂😂😂 great post @papa-pepper

HAHA really amusing and innovative 😁😁

This is hilarious!

You could also get creative here and color one gold or black for added themes


ROFL, @papa-pepper! Seen a good dental hygienist lately? lol

No need anymore! LOL!

That's awesome! Think of the money that can be saved on teeth whitening products.

Hahaha! this is a master idea!


Now i finaly understand how instagram works, thank you mate.

There you go!

Muy linda tu sonrisa, saludos :)

This is so funny @papa-pepper, especially the time sensitive part.
Your selfie smile hack is 😎

Excellent! Just came back from work and saw your post, hillarious, thanks for the laugh. Me and Seb are going to the montreal steemit meetup tomorrow, will definitely try to get the gang to do a super perfect smile group photo for you!

That would be Excellent!

Amazing post, haha!

Bravo!! That's the best tip I've seen all day. And you all made me laugh, too!

LOL, hahahaha i love the pictures