How to know clearly about a problem by using '5 why' theory

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Everyday we are faced in many problems. But we don't know the actual cause of the problem. Today I want to share a better idea How to know clearly about a problem. The idea is '5 why' theory. You can clearly know about a problem by asking 5 why questions. the answering person what he will answer, you will again ask why question depend on the answer.


I want to clear it by a example. Assume you are an M.D. in a company. This year your company has be faced a big loss. But you don't know the actual cause for loss. You have called you manager to know the main cause of loss.

  1. You will first ask him why our company faced to loss? Manager may answer, " we din't supply the goods timey."

  2. You again ask, " Why didn't we supply goods timely?" He may answer, " We couldn't make goods in time."

  3. You will again ask, " Why couldn't we make goods in time?" He may answer, " We didn't get available raw marerials in time."

  4. You may again ask, "Why didn't we get available raw marerials in time?" He may answer, " The raw materials supplier company had lated to export raw materials."

  5. You may again ask, "Why had The raw materials supplier company lated to export raw materials?" He may answer, " Because we couldn't pay the bill in time."

After asking 5 why questions now you are cleraed about the actual cause of loss. Actually the main cause was the company couldn't pay the bill in time. For this reason the company have faced a big loss. I expect you are cleared the benifit of '5 why' questions.

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