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hello and welcome guys Today I will discuss with you how Steemit works and will succeed. This post is for those who are working on new steemit.

So when I started a new way, I did not understand a lot about how to do steemit.


I have posted this post to help you who are new, read the post carefully and I will help you with all your help how Steemit works

steemit being social networking platform here you can earn by commenting different types and the income is a good amount of money that you can easily earn. It is a very interesting thing to do here.

You can visit my YouTube channel to get a better understanding of this. My YouTube channel is named

Technical Mamun.

There are many good videos about steemit that you can watch. Hope you enjoy your videos and you see videos there and work well here. If you have something to know about this post, then comment below Please let us know

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