Some dos and don'ts for improving your results on steemit...

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People (including myself) have written how-to guides on using steemit. At the moment I had some things floating through my mind about some things people do that is likely to hurt your rewards rather than improve it.

Don't do these things if your goal is to grow your reward potential:

  • Post about how you can't believe the article you spent X amount of time on only was rewarded with Y amount of payout. In some case y might be zero.
  • Don't confuse quantity with quality. All of us must try to continue to improve. Just posting a lot and not improving may not necessarily earn you more rewards.
  • Copy other people. If you see a topic pay someone else well, don't rush out to write an article on the same topic.
  • Lash out and target another user and say their post was not as good as yours but it earned more.

These types of things may actually hurt your reward. They are not positive. Sometimes they are petty. Sometimes they involve personal attacks on people who did nothing to you.

Instead perhaps try doing these things:

  • Write about things you are passionate about and interested. Ignore whether they make Y amount or not.
  • Be genuine. You will attract people for being you. You will not attract people by trying to act like someone else.
  • Be satisfied with your choices. Not every topic is going to be as popular as others. Writing what you like may not do as well as other topics, but at least you'll be interested and enjoying yourself rather than forcing it to happen like some kind of job.
  • Be respectful. As soon as you must name call or lash out you erode some of the perception that people have of you. You can disagree with people without calling them names or indicating they are idiots. It is very doable. It is also healthy.

This is a short post. It is what was on my mind at the moment. If it is useful great, if not. That is okay as well.

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Thanks for sharing. This is good information for everyone to know. :-)

Posting has got to be all about the individual's passion or interests, if it is forced and like a job as you say, it'll come off as inauthentic and definitely not fare well in the long run.

Hi @dwinblood, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

Thank you @dwinblood . These are all correct thoughts. resteem


You're welcome. Thanks for the resteem and vote.

Wise words. I think it's important to try and have fun. You may not earn much to start with, so you need reasons to keep going

Good advice well written, my friend!

Nice and timely article @dwinblood. Resteemed and upvoted. Thank you.


Thanks. I'm curious. Why was it timely? (asking because I don't know)


Hi @dwinblood. Timely in that I believe Steemians should be reminded once in a while about Steem etiquette (for want of a better term). One of the reasons I, and suspect a lot of others, have turned their backs on the likes of Facebook etc is the way some poeple are either rude or plain awful to others. Hopefully Steemit users can 'police' themselves and keep this platform one of high quality. Suppose that's what the flag system is for.


Thanks for the explanation. :)


No worries.

Speaking the truth in this post, good points. I very well know my topic(s) of choice are not popular ones (real estate, finances) on steemit. However, it's what I know and enjoy so it's what I write.

And don't write just to write, as you mentioned. I haven't had alot of quality ideas of late so haven't written as much of late. It ebbs and flows, no need to force it.